Saturday, April 7, 2012

Last Night in Texas

Well this is my last night in Texas, it's the road and then the ranch for me. (I can hardly wait so I can spend some time outside in the nude!) My bosses daughter did pretty well for herself yesterday, she didn't win anything but she did do really well. She's going to be really good at this one day. I was in one jumping event but I had 4 faults so I didn't win either, but it was a whole hell of a lot of fun though.

Last night one of the grooms from another ranch and I got together and had a little fun with one another. She had this lovely double ended dildo with her, (I guess she was expecting to have some fun at this show) and we used it to its best advantage. That's a wonderful feeling, both of you are rocking and thrusting and when she spasamed I could feel it and she could feel me. It made me cum a couple of times really hard. She had never been with a woman that squirted before so I sort of startled her the first time. I really must remember to make it a point to warn people about that.

Well after we had fucked each other with her two sided toy we lay so we could rub on pussies together. I'm sure someone has a name for this but I have no idea what it might be, if you do would you please tell me? Anyway the warmth and the shared wetness was too much for me and I squirted again while our pussies where pressed together, my goodness what a mess! But I think she enjoyed it. I know she enjoyed the feel of my tongue on her wet pussy lips, she was arching her back like a sleepy cat! Oh and such nice tiny boobs she had too with  the kind of nipple that could almost poke your eye out when they're hard. But she loved to have them nibbled on! The flood between her legs when I did that, wow!

But I didn't tell you how wonderfully soft and sensuously she kissed did I? Kind of sucking on my lip and playing with my tongue. How she gently nibbled at my ears and softly kissed my neck which caused me to puddle my jeans. How her hands ran softly over my entire body before we'd removed a single stitch of clothing. How she softly slid her hands up my shirt and over my naked breasts or how it felt to have her hand between my thighs, rubbing softly on my mound before sliding down to my warm wetness then slipping a single finger into me and rubbing on clit with the heel of her hand. I didn't tell you that did I? Well I should have.

Her exquisitely constructed body, her full soft lips, her soft cheeks, her hard nipples, her soft yet small boobs, her smooth, silky feeling ebony skin, the smell of her work in my nose, the taste of her salt on my tongue, the feel of the soft patch of hair between her legs, the heady, pungent smell of her wet pussy, the firm yet yielding flesh of her nearly perfect ass, the sensation of her thigh against my face and her hand on my head as I licked her clit again and again and the silky smooth feel of her feet on the small of my back as I greedily ate her to a smashing orgasm. It was a wonderful way to end my trip to Texas. I am hoping for a repeat this evening though I don't know how to reach her except to wait in the barns for her to come in.

Hell, I just realized that I don't even remember her name! OMG!


  1. The term you are looking for is 'Tribadism'. Wikipedia has a detailed explanation, but a google search gives plenty of examples via porn.
    It has always been a fantasy of mine to watch 2 girls tribbing in person......

  2. Mmmmm Mel you had me squirming in my seat and playing with my fast hardening cock until I exploded reading of your night in Texas I would sure loved to have been there watching you both or maybe even joining in for a threesome... Sorry I missed your call on yahoo could have really done with the contact there too
    Love Pete