Monday, April 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Greetings fellow sex fiends from Katy, Texas! So close to home I can smell the smoke! Arrived here today for a terrific show called The Spring Gathering which is a sanctioned event and I am thrilled to be here! I am going to be plenty busy though prepping our horses for the show on Friday and making sure all is well. My employers daughter will be riding instead of me but that's cool, this is a bit higher level than I can ride anyway.

No sooner were we unloaded then I already had two offers for dinner from other grooms, but I am hunting bigger game this week, a friend of my father's is actually on my wish list this week. He is a very old friend of the family but my sister has had him all to herself for more than two years since my accident and it's time for me to catch up I think. He is a wonderful man, a bit rounded but still nice in his early 50s and has the softest touch, the sweetest kiss, the most talented tongue and a really wonderful dick. It isn't very long but it is very thick indeed! I have moaned many times pressing my pussy back onto his pole and he never fails to make me a very happy kitty indeed.

Being this close to Houston I just had to call him and ask him to come play with me. We're going to dinner tomorrow after the horses are cool so I'll have lots of time with him. Of course I hope to be able to see my family as well since they all live in Houston and it will be a raucous gathering I am sure if we can all arrange it so I have my fingers crossed!

I have been thinking about dinner tomorrow since I have been telling you all about it and of course I now have a nice size wet spot in my jeans! I can hardly wait until I can peel them off and be naked in my trailer and finger deep into my warm, wet pussy! Yum!!! I am going to masturbate until I can't move any more, let's go for a record! Legs spread wide, fingers dripping wet, pussy lips swollen and red, towel soaking wet under my naked ass! I hope I can fall asleep that way so I'll dream dirty, naked, wet dreams of being filled with man cum tomorrow!

Oh yeah, Corin has ALWAYS been a man to stop and suck his cum back out of a woman's dripping wet pussy! Oh fuck yes! I cannot wait!!!


  1. Oh yes ! a beautiful pussy... I would like to taste her flavor here, near to nature !
    Really, you are so fine !

    1. Thanks Mel, and I love to be tasted by the way. And trust me if you do it just right you'll get a LOT to taste!