Monday, April 23, 2012

Self Sex Question

Hey folks, I have a question for you. What is your favorite way to masturbate? Will you tell me? Please be as graphic or as subtle as you like.

If you prefer you can give your answers to me privately by e-mailing me at let me know if it's OK if I post your response anonymously. I will keep it between us if you want me to.

Once we have a few answers then I'll tell you my favorite way and trust me when I say that I will be graphic! :)

PS: Isn't that a lovely pussy? Ya just gotta love it!

A Little Fun

I woke up yesterday in a puddle. I have no idea what I had been dreaming about but from the evidence I wish I had! My sheets were soaking wet under my ass and I discovered an actual puddle in my pussy! WOW! What on earth was going on while I was asleep?!

Well when I reached down to investigate the dampness my hand of course touched my pussy and my very swollen clit which sent an electric shock through my entire body! What the fuck was I dreaming I thought for the twelfth time in two minutes. So my fingers gently rubbed the moisture of my pussy around the swollen sensitive opening and it wasn't more than a couple of minutes before I felt a warmness flush over me and a new puddle appeared in my hand as I gave a shudder of pleasure from the soft touch of my fingers.

I raised my hand to my face and drank in the headiness of the aroma and tasted the warm saltiness of my moistness. My god living alone can surely suck sometimes, I need someone to kiss me, and touch me, and lick me, and to be as surprised as I am when I wake up in a flood of pussy juice and be willing to make me cum again and again and again...


Off to work my horses (and myself) in to a sweat.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home at Last!!

I got home yesterday afternoon and after putting up and grooming horses and feeding everybody, (My fill in guy that helped here last week was wonderful, I'll have to remember to kiss him for doing such a good job!) the unloading the trailer and cleaning that up I was so tired that I fell asleep on the couch in my jeans! It felt weird to wake up in the middle of the night (about 9pm actually) and find I was wearing clothes! I stripped of, showered and climbed into my own bed! By 4am I was rested and happy, god I love coming home from a trip!

So in honor of all my time away from home and all that time with clothes on, today is a NAKED day!!! Wish you all could join me!

Kiss Kiss!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Resting for the Evening

Ah, it feels good to stop for the day. I am outside of Visalia in a secluded little spot I found. Another 4 and a half hours of driving tomorrow and I will be home! But I could drive no further today and the horses really wanted to walk around a bit, can't really blame them!

So my equine friends have had something to eat, a good stretch of their legs and some time outside the trailer. I have set up my little Webber and it's charcoal is nearly ready. A nice burger and some beans and 4 or 5 beers and then a nice deep sleep for Melody!

I think I'm even too tired to masturbate if you can believe that! Good night all.

Stopped for Fuel

We've stopped for gas and to give the horses a break from driving near Needles, CA so I thought I'd share a little something with my cyber-friends. In Flagstaff this morning before I started driving I thought I would try a little game. I have a pair of "exercise" balls for doing kegel exercises with, (and they work beautifully for that as well) but serve also as an awesome sexual toy. BenWa Balls is the common name for them. Every woman needs a pair of these little gems in her toy box!

In case you don't know about them, you insert them fully into your vagina while standing and practice gripping on to them with the muscles around your vagina. OK, but if you insert them while sitting and rock gently back and forth, Oh My! Well I got it into my blonde brain this morning that the motion of the truck on the highway might make these babies sing. BAD idea!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, it felt exquisite, but I was driving! After only a few minutes on the road I was forced to pull over. I got into the trailer so I could strip off and takes things out before I killed someone! Well of course my jean have a wet spot on them so large it looks like I pissed myself, so I hesitated, masturbated myself to an acceptable orgasm and changed pants. (giggle, I have to go panty-less now because I have no more clean panties. Oh, what a shame! Naked pussy on denim! Yum!!)

I got back in the truck and started it up when I noticed my ass was cold. Damn it! I got back out of the truck, went and got a towel to sit on, and then got back in the truck. Yup, the seat was soaking wet! Moral of the story, DON'T MASTURBATE WHILE DRIVING!!! (Actually seems pretty obvious huh?)

So I've had a bite to eat, horses are fed, watered and happy and I have told you all my little tale so it is back on the road for me. Another 6 or 7 hours I think to Fresno and I'll camp there. Then tomorrow just a short drive and we'll be home! Yeah!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Stop Over

Stopping tonight in Flagstaff, Arizona. It's lovely and cool and after I have had some dinner and seen to the horses I am going into my room, get naked, and reacquaint my self with my pussy!

I can't wait to be home tomorrow!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Last Night in Texas

Well this is my last night in Texas, it's the road and then the ranch for me. (I can hardly wait so I can spend some time outside in the nude!) My bosses daughter did pretty well for herself yesterday, she didn't win anything but she did do really well. She's going to be really good at this one day. I was in one jumping event but I had 4 faults so I didn't win either, but it was a whole hell of a lot of fun though.

Last night one of the grooms from another ranch and I got together and had a little fun with one another. She had this lovely double ended dildo with her, (I guess she was expecting to have some fun at this show) and we used it to its best advantage. That's a wonderful feeling, both of you are rocking and thrusting and when she spasamed I could feel it and she could feel me. It made me cum a couple of times really hard. She had never been with a woman that squirted before so I sort of startled her the first time. I really must remember to make it a point to warn people about that.

Well after we had fucked each other with her two sided toy we lay so we could rub on pussies together. I'm sure someone has a name for this but I have no idea what it might be, if you do would you please tell me? Anyway the warmth and the shared wetness was too much for me and I squirted again while our pussies where pressed together, my goodness what a mess! But I think she enjoyed it. I know she enjoyed the feel of my tongue on her wet pussy lips, she was arching her back like a sleepy cat! Oh and such nice tiny boobs she had too with  the kind of nipple that could almost poke your eye out when they're hard. But she loved to have them nibbled on! The flood between her legs when I did that, wow!

But I didn't tell you how wonderfully soft and sensuously she kissed did I? Kind of sucking on my lip and playing with my tongue. How she gently nibbled at my ears and softly kissed my neck which caused me to puddle my jeans. How her hands ran softly over my entire body before we'd removed a single stitch of clothing. How she softly slid her hands up my shirt and over my naked breasts or how it felt to have her hand between my thighs, rubbing softly on my mound before sliding down to my warm wetness then slipping a single finger into me and rubbing on clit with the heel of her hand. I didn't tell you that did I? Well I should have.

Her exquisitely constructed body, her full soft lips, her soft cheeks, her hard nipples, her soft yet small boobs, her smooth, silky feeling ebony skin, the smell of her work in my nose, the taste of her salt on my tongue, the feel of the soft patch of hair between her legs, the heady, pungent smell of her wet pussy, the firm yet yielding flesh of her nearly perfect ass, the sensation of her thigh against my face and her hand on my head as I licked her clit again and again and the silky smooth feel of her feet on the small of my back as I greedily ate her to a smashing orgasm. It was a wonderful way to end my trip to Texas. I am hoping for a repeat this evening though I don't know how to reach her except to wait in the barns for her to come in.

Hell, I just realized that I don't even remember her name! OMG!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sharing is nice but...

I had lunch today with an old friend and a little recreation as well but two things did not go as planned. First we were going to have dinner together which would have left us the entire night to get naked and nasty and second we did not have any company as my sister Cloe was supposed to have joined us but since it became lunch instead of dinner she could not join us. A shame and a blessing at the same time actually.

We ate lunch at a kick-butt burger joint here in Katy called MooYah Burgers & Fries and if you are ever in Katy, Texas you must stop here and have a bite to eat! Wow! I thought I was going to burst the burger was so damn big! Well we had a wonderful time and sat around for almost an hour just chatting about this and that. Finally he said what I was waiting to hear; "So Mel, do you have enough time to play awhile?" And with a big grin on my face I reach under the table and place my hand on his lap and squeezed and said "Always!" He did the same to me but slid his hand under the hem of my dress gently tracing my inner thigh with his fingertips. When he discovered that I wasn't wearing anything under my dress his smile got very big indeed and he swelled under my hand.

He took me back to my trailer and while he was closing and locking the door I had shucked my sun dress in one motion so when he turned around I was standing in my alltogether facing him! He told me how pretty I was and how he had loved seeing my naked body ever since I was very young. I blushed head to foot, what a remarkable feeling that was to feel the heat flush all over my naked body. I am still surprised at how flattered I was to hear this since I have literally known this man my entire life. He has seen all of us naked at nudist group gatherings and had never once told me anything like this. It made me swoon, then it made me wet.

I showed him yesterday's blog post on my laptop and he asked if I was going to write about today as well. "of course" I said, "That's the point of it." He came up to me and kissed me and I nearly came just from the passion in his kiss, plus slow, soft, wet tongue kissing drives me crazy! I could feel my juices running down my leg so I took his hand in mine, kissed his palm and moved his hand to my thigh so he could feel the moisture. He got the hint. He rubbed my pussy mound and then moved down, lubricating his hand then rubbing my mound again until my knees were weak. He moved me to the little dining table, lifted me on to it and seated himself in front of me, on leg over each shoulder and proceeded to eat, suck, lick, nibble and tease my pussy into a gusher orgasm which he sat right there in front us me and drank down then kept licking my pussy and fucking me with his tongue!

Have any of you ever been with a woman that squirts? Well if I am turned on seriously I can squirt over and over again with each shudder of orgasm. (Please don't hate me ladies, it is a trick of birth and it makes me do a lot of laundry.) Well when I am in this state almost any touch in my crotch will bring on another wave and another squirt!(Though the more times I do the less liquid is present, I have never cum so much that I shudder dry.) He spread my pussy lips wide apart and softly, oh so softly, flicked his tongue over my clit. BANG! He covered my pussy with his mouth and just drank the results while sucking my whole pussy! I was in orgasm heaven! After what seemed like days but was really only about 15 minutes or so he stopped and blew across the soaking wet flesh of my kitty giving me a little shiver then he simply said, "My turn". So we traded places.

He has a wonderfully think cock, as big around as a huge dildo but only about 5 inches in length. This has always bothered him to some degree but for me if it's nice and hard I can ride it! Turns out we never did fuck, he licked me to a series of orgasms that rocked my world, I am still sitting here glowing over it. To repay him for the marvelous way he had treated me I began licking his balls then his shaft, then popping the head of his cock in and out of my mouth but not sinking down on his shaft. It was getting to him I could tell. His balls contracted in my hand, the shaft of his cock began to dance and I popped his cock between my lips and sucked hard! Then I slid his cock all the way into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it and sucked again, that did it! He shot a huge load into my mouth, it was massive! I couldn't swallow it all and it spurted back out past my lips that were firmly sealed around the head of his dick. It trickled down my cheek and dripped on my tits! He shot again and this time I was better prepared for it. I swallowed almost all of the second load but still had quite a bit in my mouth and dripping out still when he bent over and kissed me!

I had a mouthful of his own cum and he was playing tongue hockey with me! It spilled and ran down my face and chest but he managed to suck a large amount of it out of my mouth and into his own! I swallowed what was left and wiped up the excess with my fingers licking it all up. He smiled down at me and said "Your mom taught me to do that!" "That figures" I said, "Mom always was a major cum whore!" Then he stunned me by saying, "Your dad likes that too." I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself! Well, I was already wet but you know what I mean!

It was wonderful to have had him all to myself today but just the same, a second pecker would be nice. Here's hoping!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Greetings fellow sex fiends from Katy, Texas! So close to home I can smell the smoke! Arrived here today for a terrific show called The Spring Gathering which is a sanctioned event and I am thrilled to be here! I am going to be plenty busy though prepping our horses for the show on Friday and making sure all is well. My employers daughter will be riding instead of me but that's cool, this is a bit higher level than I can ride anyway.

No sooner were we unloaded then I already had two offers for dinner from other grooms, but I am hunting bigger game this week, a friend of my father's is actually on my wish list this week. He is a very old friend of the family but my sister has had him all to herself for more than two years since my accident and it's time for me to catch up I think. He is a wonderful man, a bit rounded but still nice in his early 50s and has the softest touch, the sweetest kiss, the most talented tongue and a really wonderful dick. It isn't very long but it is very thick indeed! I have moaned many times pressing my pussy back onto his pole and he never fails to make me a very happy kitty indeed.

Being this close to Houston I just had to call him and ask him to come play with me. We're going to dinner tomorrow after the horses are cool so I'll have lots of time with him. Of course I hope to be able to see my family as well since they all live in Houston and it will be a raucous gathering I am sure if we can all arrange it so I have my fingers crossed!

I have been thinking about dinner tomorrow since I have been telling you all about it and of course I now have a nice size wet spot in my jeans! I can hardly wait until I can peel them off and be naked in my trailer and finger deep into my warm, wet pussy! Yum!!! I am going to masturbate until I can't move any more, let's go for a record! Legs spread wide, fingers dripping wet, pussy lips swollen and red, towel soaking wet under my naked ass! I hope I can fall asleep that way so I'll dream dirty, naked, wet dreams of being filled with man cum tomorrow!

Oh yeah, Corin has ALWAYS been a man to stop and suck his cum back out of a woman's dripping wet pussy! Oh fuck yes! I cannot wait!!!