Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tossing off a quick one

I got up this morning before the sunrise as I do every morning but with a dream still firmly planted in my head. It had been an involved dream of naked women, sensual kisses and warm caresses. I figured I have time, I'll just enjoy this after image of my dream for a few minutes. Well I let me left hand slide down my body to my thighs to discover (confirm) that my pussy was soaking wet!

I rubbed the flat of my hand over my whole pussy as if massaging the warm fluid back into my skin, applying pressure with the heel of my hand to the top above my clitoris. Then I slipped three fingers effortlessly into my well lubricated vagina with a tiny gasp. I love the feel of a full pussy and I rolled my hips a bit as I fucked myself with my hand.

When I had been doing this for a while I withdrew my fingers quite quickly indeed, that always gives me a rush. My hand and ass and the bed were very damp by this point and I just reached down and pinched my clittie between my thumb and forefinger and gave it a sort of rolling motion. Bang! I shook like mad for a few seconds then produced a small torrent of cum that shot against the palm of my hand and drenched me from my boobs down to my toes! Another little roll of the fingers and a second, smaller wave took me, more gush, more giggles. One more pinch and another shuddering gasp as a few tiny squirts came out of my pussy to add their volume to the puddle I had already made.

I lay back for a few moments and slowly rubbed the mound above my pussy, and my belly and my boobs and sighed. Drew a deep breath, held my hand to my nose to draw in the heady aroma of my own flesh and fluid then got up to take a shower and begin my day. It's going to be a good day!


  1. MMMMMmmmm Mel reading your start to the day got me to get a massive hard on and I am sitting at the computer reading it and stroking wishing you were with me to watch my cam but the memory of those times helped and I gushed loads of my first cum for the day...Thankyou

    1. You're very welcum Pete! ;) Wetly your, Melody