Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A lovely evening in

Last night after finishing with the horses and having a bite to eat I sat down to watch an old porn movie that was one of my mother's favorites, "Taboo". Which is all about a woman that enjoys having sex with her own son. (Can't imagine why this was my mother's favorite film...) Anyway it never takes very long when watching a porno for me to strip off whatever I might still be wearing and begin masturbating, and last night was certainly no exception!

This movie wastes no time before getting right to some good sex and I had my hands rubbing up and down my naked body from the very beginning. I love the feeling of my fingertips running ever so softly over my tummy and around my boobs. I love the way my nipples react when I brush over them with my fingers. And I just go mad when I tease myself by almost touching my pussy as I watch.

I always imagine that my fingers are not my own and sometimes, like last night I try to match my movements to those of someone on the screen so I can imagine that they are do it to me. When the son is busy licking his mother's pussy I am rubbing the lips of my pussy with 3 fingers and then flicking the middle one over my clit when he flicks his tongue over hers.

For the fucking scenes I pulled out this great toy my sister gave me on my birthday last year; it's a clear dildo that has these metal balls in it that rotate and roll around as the whole thing pulses and vibrates, and it has soft bunny ears that come up and vibrate on both sides of your clit. This has become my second favorite toy in my toy box! So as "mom" is getting plowed on screen, I am slowly pushing this wonderful toy in and out of my very wet pussy, giving it a little twist when I reach the max I can take. All the while my little bunny ears are softly resting against my clit and vibrating like mad!

Well I'm only about 30 minutes into the movie when I feel the familiar shaking that forewarns of a major orgasm. My pussy is soaking wet as is the towel I'm sitting on and my clittie has had 30 minutes of practically non-stop stimulation from my toy's bunny ears! I pull the toy out and quickly replace it with my hand. Then I touch my clit! That does it! My pussy erupts with a fountain of juice! (Thank god for wood floors! I don't dare have carpeting!) My shoulders shake, my tummy quivers and my legs tremble! It is an all too familiar feeling that I relish as new every time I experience it!

I watched the rest of the movie of course and I played with my nipples and my pussy for the rest of the film, but I only worked up to that one stellar orgasm. My others, there were two others, were the warm comfortable kind that leave you glowing and cozy.

I really need to buy more towels!


  1. Loved the stories Mel wish I had been in San Fran to see that I am looking forward to our next online encounter too

  2. So what's your most favorite toy?

    1. I have a lot of fun toys, (I really do have a toy box!) but my absolute favorite is something called a Lelo Egg. It is the most delicious toy on earth and every woman should own one! It's a wonderfully smooth little egg that you slip completely inside your pussy and it doesn't make any noise at all. I have worn it in public many times and no one would ever know it unless they look at my crotch. I always have a huge wet spot if I have it in. It has a wireless remote that is sensitive to movement and changes the way the toy works just by moving it! And if you give the remote to someone else well then your in for some major cum fun! My god I love this thing!

      If you know a woman that likes to masturbate, she needs one of these things. I have serious orgasms with this baby! I mean earth shaking, fill a gallon jug with cum orgasms! Oh my!

      Here's a link to where you can get one if you have a lady friend who like to cum...

      Let me know if she likes it.