Friday, March 23, 2012

To hell with Facebook!

Hello folks, Melody here. I have started this blog for a couple of reasons the first being that the bastards at Facebook have deleted my profile. Not because I was posting naked pics but because I talk dirty. Can you fucking believe that? I mean tell one story about sucking cock and you get the boot!

Well, I came here because I can tell my stories and Google won't try to censor me. It's posted as an adult content site, so if you're reading this and you're not 18 years old then go the fuck away until you are old enough, then I will gladly welcome you. 

My stories are all of an ADULT nature, meaning I like to talk about having sex! It is my favorite recreational activity. Topics you might see discussed include but will NOT be limited to, masturbation, blow jobs, fucking, pussy licking and so on. If these things offend you then go the fuck away! Don't waste your time and mine, I am here to have fun, if you don't think sex is fun then this is not the page for you.

Is that clear enough for all of you bible thumping brain dead censors out there? Good.


  1. Looks good Mel and I have popped your blog cherry lol

    1. Thanks Pete! Was it good for you too?

    2. Sure was Mel and always is when I am with you dont leave it too long before you visit me again