Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tossing off a quick one

I got up this morning before the sunrise as I do every morning but with a dream still firmly planted in my head. It had been an involved dream of naked women, sensual kisses and warm caresses. I figured I have time, I'll just enjoy this after image of my dream for a few minutes. Well I let me left hand slide down my body to my thighs to discover (confirm) that my pussy was soaking wet!

I rubbed the flat of my hand over my whole pussy as if massaging the warm fluid back into my skin, applying pressure with the heel of my hand to the top above my clitoris. Then I slipped three fingers effortlessly into my well lubricated vagina with a tiny gasp. I love the feel of a full pussy and I rolled my hips a bit as I fucked myself with my hand.

When I had been doing this for a while I withdrew my fingers quite quickly indeed, that always gives me a rush. My hand and ass and the bed were very damp by this point and I just reached down and pinched my clittie between my thumb and forefinger and gave it a sort of rolling motion. Bang! I shook like mad for a few seconds then produced a small torrent of cum that shot against the palm of my hand and drenched me from my boobs down to my toes! Another little roll of the fingers and a second, smaller wave took me, more gush, more giggles. One more pinch and another shuddering gasp as a few tiny squirts came out of my pussy to add their volume to the puddle I had already made.

I lay back for a few moments and slowly rubbed the mound above my pussy, and my belly and my boobs and sighed. Drew a deep breath, held my hand to my nose to draw in the heady aroma of my own flesh and fluid then got up to take a shower and begin my day. It's going to be a good day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A lovely evening in

Last night after finishing with the horses and having a bite to eat I sat down to watch an old porn movie that was one of my mother's favorites, "Taboo". Which is all about a woman that enjoys having sex with her own son. (Can't imagine why this was my mother's favorite film...) Anyway it never takes very long when watching a porno for me to strip off whatever I might still be wearing and begin masturbating, and last night was certainly no exception!

This movie wastes no time before getting right to some good sex and I had my hands rubbing up and down my naked body from the very beginning. I love the feeling of my fingertips running ever so softly over my tummy and around my boobs. I love the way my nipples react when I brush over them with my fingers. And I just go mad when I tease myself by almost touching my pussy as I watch.

I always imagine that my fingers are not my own and sometimes, like last night I try to match my movements to those of someone on the screen so I can imagine that they are do it to me. When the son is busy licking his mother's pussy I am rubbing the lips of my pussy with 3 fingers and then flicking the middle one over my clit when he flicks his tongue over hers.

For the fucking scenes I pulled out this great toy my sister gave me on my birthday last year; it's a clear dildo that has these metal balls in it that rotate and roll around as the whole thing pulses and vibrates, and it has soft bunny ears that come up and vibrate on both sides of your clit. This has become my second favorite toy in my toy box! So as "mom" is getting plowed on screen, I am slowly pushing this wonderful toy in and out of my very wet pussy, giving it a little twist when I reach the max I can take. All the while my little bunny ears are softly resting against my clit and vibrating like mad!

Well I'm only about 30 minutes into the movie when I feel the familiar shaking that forewarns of a major orgasm. My pussy is soaking wet as is the towel I'm sitting on and my clittie has had 30 minutes of practically non-stop stimulation from my toy's bunny ears! I pull the toy out and quickly replace it with my hand. Then I touch my clit! That does it! My pussy erupts with a fountain of juice! (Thank god for wood floors! I don't dare have carpeting!) My shoulders shake, my tummy quivers and my legs tremble! It is an all too familiar feeling that I relish as new every time I experience it!

I watched the rest of the movie of course and I played with my nipples and my pussy for the rest of the film, but I only worked up to that one stellar orgasm. My others, there were two others, were the warm comfortable kind that leave you glowing and cozy.

I really need to buy more towels!

Monday, March 26, 2012

It was a nice lunch

Not too frightfully long ago I was in San Francisco with a good friend for the weekend. We had gone for several reasons; to get away together, to have a really nice dinner and to get laid! There are absolutely zero prospects in this microscopic little town I live near so I either have to import sexual partners or go out in search of them.

Kim and I were in this great little cafe in the South Beach area and we had been shopping and sightseeing like regular old tourists and were sitting near the sidewalk at a comfy little table watching the humans strolling by. I was sitting back in my chair with my bare feet up on railing with my feet crossed and Kim was sitting sort of across from me when she said to me, "Um Mel, I can see up your dress really well if you sit like that." I giggled and so did she, it wasn't my intention to be putting on a display but I didn't mind that I was.

"What if I do this"? I asked her and pulled the hem of my skirt up about 3 inches. Well this just made her laugh as I was sure she could see my bottom. The waiter, a lovely obviously gay man named Vince brought out our drinks and took our order. He was standing behind me and I had to kind of look back and up to see him so I knew he could not see what Kim could. But when we finished ordering he smiled really prettily at us both and gave Kim a wink before leaving. He knew, I was sure of it.

Then Kim kicked off her shoes as well and placed her left foot on my chair under my skirt where she could rub her foot over my silk covered pussy and just grinned at me. I love to be touched in public and well she knows it too! We sat this way for a while, my feet up on the rail, her foot on my pussy. I had uncrossed my legs and moved them apart a little to provide her better access to my warm and dampening pussy. I was really having a good time when I noticed two young men down the sidewalk a bit on a bench both openly staring at us.

Now these two were far too young for us to play with sexually, they were maybe 16 or so, but that didn't keep me from shifting a bit in my seat so they might have a better view! I told Kim about it when I moved and she laughed and said something about really showing them something. Then with a very deft motion indeed she slipped her toes under the edge of my panties and pulled them aside! Wow! Now I could actually feel the breeze on my moist skin and it made me flush that if our two boys could see up my skirt they could now see everything!

Now I have a very sensitive pussy and touching my clit especially will produce a flood of moisture and in not a very long time make me squirt quite a bit! Kim of course knows this as well and she began to rub my now naked pussy with the ball and toes of her foot, being sure to rub my clittie as well as being sure our two young voyeurs got a good look at what she was doing. I swear I could see one of them rubbing his equipment under his pants!

Well you must have guessed how this ends, I am just in the midst of a majorly suppressed orgasm and busily soaking my friends foot, (and my dress!) in my own juices when Vince comes up to our table with our lunch. I gasp, Kim laughs, I gush, Vince chuckles and puts our plates down. I quickly sit up and am half scowling and have beaming at Kim when Vince comes back out carrying a towel with an empty glass hidden under it and a mop. He spoke very clearly so everyone on the patio heard him and apologized for spilling my drink on my dress! He mopped up his "spill" quickly, picked up the empty glass promising to return with a fresh drink and draped the towel over my lap! All without missing a beat!

His manager even came out and apologized himself and comped our meals because of his "clumsy" wait staff! I nearly choked! When Vince came back out later we had a lovely conversation with him, but that leads into another story...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mission Statement

What I want to do here is try and have some fun, tell naughty stories and hopefully make a few people really enjoy a part of their day! I am a major extrovert, as you can see I really like being nude and if I can do it in a public place then it 10 times better!

I guess it's a little self centered but I like telling my own stories, things that have happened and things I really wish would happen. Though I promise you dear readers that I will make sure you know when I am being fanciful and when we're talking reality.

I am 27 years old from Houston,Texas originally but am now living in California. I am a practicing nudist, bisexual and well I might enjoy sexual pleasures a bit more than I should. I am an avid fan of masturbation and I partake of this little pleasure at least a couple of times a day. Whats more, I am a porn fan. I just love pics and videos and stories and the like. I have tons and am always looking for more good stuff.

Since Facebook has seen fit to toss me out I am hoping that I will meet just as many folks out there and entice them to talk with us here. Please tell me your stories or ask me questions. I ALWAYS answer questions!

I'm really excited, I hope this works.

Friday, March 23, 2012

To hell with Facebook!

Hello folks, Melody here. I have started this blog for a couple of reasons the first being that the bastards at Facebook have deleted my profile. Not because I was posting naked pics but because I talk dirty. Can you fucking believe that? I mean tell one story about sucking cock and you get the boot!

Well, I came here because I can tell my stories and Google won't try to censor me. It's posted as an adult content site, so if you're reading this and you're not 18 years old then go the fuck away until you are old enough, then I will gladly welcome you. 

My stories are all of an ADULT nature, meaning I like to talk about having sex! It is my favorite recreational activity. Topics you might see discussed include but will NOT be limited to, masturbation, blow jobs, fucking, pussy licking and so on. If these things offend you then go the fuck away! Don't waste your time and mine, I am here to have fun, if you don't think sex is fun then this is not the page for you.

Is that clear enough for all of you bible thumping brain dead censors out there? Good.