Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Just a short note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Don't you wish this is what Santa left under your tree?

Wet kisses dears,

Sunday, December 2, 2012

No Pizza But Plenty of Toppings

Kim took me to a strip club in Lodi after dinner to get the night really running, have you ever seen what happens when two single girls walk into a strip club on a Saturday night? We got a lot of attention from both dancers and patrons right from the moment we walked in.

Yesterday I told you what I was wearing but I had no idea how Kim would be dressed. She was wearing this top that was basically a satin and lace bustier with a short skirt and these great black stockings that looked like zebra stripes and the sexiest black open toes I have seen in some time. When she cam to the door before we left I seriously just wanted to throw her down, rip off her panties and go to town on her! (I learned later that she was also sans panties so there was one step I need not have thought of. ) ;)

Every place we went yesterday we got looks, and if they were thinking"Jeeze those two are hot!" or Jeeze look at theos two sluts" I don't really fucking care, they were still looking! :)

Well when we came into the strip club and sat down near the stage, Kim reaches into her purse and pulls out this huge stack of one dollar bills and places them on the table between us. Inside of a minute we had a waitress and a dancer next to us! The place is huge as strip clubs go with three different stages for the girls to work, bunches of tiny tables with soft, comfy chairs that swivel and three different "upgrade" rooms; Naughty, More Naughty and Very Naughty. Although their Very Naughty room is not quite Melody and Kim Naughty.

Kim and I are sitting in these great chairs and you can plainly see that my crotch is gaining some attention because my pants are basically glowing in the black light and you can clearly see the outlines of my pussy. Kim keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs and finally I ask her what the fuck she's doing so she turns her chair to face me and then crosses her legs. For just the briefest moment I catch sight of her freshly shaved pussy before it is once again hidden under her skirt. "You dirty slut you!" I laugh at her, "You could have said, I would have worn one too." She laughed too and said that "No, what you're wearing is doing just fine."

Well Kim is tossing dollar bills on the stage for every dancer, but some girls get more than others and a good sized crowd of guys has gathered near our table both to enjoy the parade of girls but also to enjoy the private show that is Kim and I. After an hour or so of chatting with dancers and buying lap dances and drinks and having drinks bought for us by the swarm of boys in this place we have picked our favorites both dancer and patrons and Kim tells our dancer that we want to go to the Very Naughty room with her and one other girl so she bounces off to bring the other girl back. (Sorry folks, I can't remember either of their names to save my bacon.)

While that was going on Kim sat on the lap of this guy next to us and put her arms around his neck and started whispering to him. I am sitting there thinking "Oh god, now what?" Now come to find out this guy and the 5 guys he's there with are all having a birthday party for one of their members so the 6 of them decided that post steak dinner that naked girls and booze was the right follow up. When the two dancers come back to our table we are now a party of 8 going to the V.N. room. I gather that this is the common way this is done because no one blinked an eye at 8 people going to this special room that was actually up a short flight of stairs and had tinted windows looking back out on to the main room. Presumably so we could look out at the action but they could not look in at us.

Well all of the guys produce credit cards and give them to our hostess as well as drink orders for everyone including the dancers. I noticed that Kim kept her purse tucked under her arm during this part. Drinks arrived, a timer on the wall was set at 2 hours and the hostess withdrew. Now this club, like so many others is a topless club where the girls wear only the slightest of panties but are not allowed to be full nude. Apparently in the V.N. room that rule is lifted because our two dancers were naked in moments and the guys were all drooling as they went from chair to chair to rub their now naked pussies on each person in turn. Heaven! We could touch almost everything, except the girls glory holes themselves, rub titties, massage asses and so on.

Everyone was getting into it in a major way when I noticed that we suddenly had an extra dancer. Kim had stripped naked and was rubbing her self all over who ever was closest and she wasn't following the rules, taking the dancers and the guys hands and guiding them to her wet pussy. Well I'm not about to be left out! I pulled my top off and was dancing with one of our dancers right in front of one our party goers when two very large men came thru the door and the music in the room stopped. One had picked up Kim's clothing and was pushing it at her saying, "Ma'am we have warned you about this sort of thing before, I am afraid you and your friends will have to leave."

We were being thrown out of a strip club for being naked! But what really threw me was the warned you before stuff. My horny little Kimberly had been warned about this before?! I wanted details! I slipped my top back on and apologized a couple of dozen times. The guys were all trying to rearrange their hard-ons so they could move and Kim was giggling as she dressed saying "Yeah I know." It was at this point when her purse came out, she gave each dancer a hundred dollar bill and said she hoped that they would not get in to trouble because of her. Then we were all escorted out of the building.

Now the guys were a bit miffed, they had spent a fair chunk of change inside and had been thrown out with no refund. The guy that had been right next to Kim before was a bit apart talking with her, I assumed trying to get at least some his money back when she leaned into him and kissed him and ran her hand over his crotch a couple of times. A big smile on his face he went to his friends and then back to Kim, then she came over to me and said, "come on let's go have some fun!" Well all right then!

We followed them back to a hotel and went in in pairs. Kim with the guy she had been talking to, (Apparently his hole room), two guys, me and the birthday boy, then the last two all a few minutes apart and in different elevators. No need to be thrown out of a second place was there. By the time I came in the door with the birthday boy Kim and the three guys ahead of us were all naked and Kim had a cock in her pussy, one in her mouth and another in her left hand! All right! I turned to the birthday boy and kissed him as deeply as I know how, held him tight with one arm and squeezed his ass with the other. After the kiss I smiled at him and said "Happy Birthday." then I began to undo his pants as I slid to my knees in front of him. He was ready for me to be there, out pops a very hard 8" of manhood and I just slipped him right into my mouth. Mmmmm.

I was doing the best I could because this man was celebrating tonight, I licked the tip, sucked his balls, and fingered his ass like a true pro and when he shot his load I swallowed every last drop. When I had finished licking him clean I noticed our last two were standing next to us stroking their cocks with big grins on their faces so I took a note from Kim. I stripped off my clothes and lay back legs spread. One guy slipped his cock into my well lubricated pussy and the other gave me his cock for oral pleasure while I softly stroked Birthday Boys soft cock.

Various combinations of this arrangement took place all night. Both Kim and I fucked Birthday Boy and when all the boys were beat she and I sucked the cum from each other. It was a lovely evening and not what I was expecting at all. I fucked Birthday Boy one more time this afternoon before everyone else woke up, a more personal, sensual sort of sex that you don't get in a group. It was an orgasm for the books. We all had brunch in the hotel restaurant except two of the party who were very over due for their own homes. Then Kim and I went back to her place for a shower and some love.

I am sitting here a very satisfied little girl wrapped in a huge towel and probably glowing like a chem light. Kim has gone to the store for a few things for dinner so I thought I would share last night with all of you. Doing this makes me horny all over again so I guess I will put the laptop away and see if my fingers and my pussy still fit together. ;)

I just realized, we never ordered pizza...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Night

Well I am dressed in my sexiest pants, not too tight, but tight enough that you can tell I am not wearing any panties. ;) A wonderfully soft and loose silk blouse, some lovely fuck-me shoes and the one necklace I still own. Kim should be here any moment now and then we are going out to have some fun. Look out Lodi cause we're coming to shock you!

Yeah, Like this...
She has even suggested that we might order pizza later! ;)

I hope you all have fun tonight!

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Vacation Story

I was 19 I think, maybe 20 staying with friends on Marathon Key in Florida just being a young Texas girl on vacation. My  friend Jamie (NHRN) and her family had a lovely house there and so we were staying there instead of at a hotel near a beach which we could never have afforded anyway. :) We were just being tourists, shopping but not buying, laying on the beach (in swimsuits sadly)  and swimming you know the drill I think.

Well one night we decided to treat ourselves and go out for dinner then to a local bar that was renowned for not caring how old their patrons were, especially in the early season like it was. Not a lot of customers to chose from if you follow me. I remember the grouper sandwich I had was so unbelievably good that I kept talking about it after we had left the restaurant.

It was warm, we were both wearing loose shorts and halter tops, Jamie's was straining because she has 36dd boobs where I only have 36a sized boobs. Jamie is taller than I am by almost 6 inches, she's almost 5'7" and I of course am only 5'2". Sometimes I think the whole world is taller than I am but I know that's bs. :) So when we walked into this local bar we received some glances from the men around the room. Of course that might have been simply because we were the only females in the place.

We picked a table and a nice but older man came over and asked us if we had IDs, we just smiled and said no we didn't and he said "OK, what would you girls like?" We ordered a couple of fruity drinks and he went off to make them, I giggled after he left because I had believed that we could pull it off but Jamie had been sure. We sat there at our table pretending to be older, sipping our fruity drinks and watching the guys shoot pool when I realized I didn't have much in the way of cash left and Jamie had none at all. So when the bartender brought a second round for us I was concerned. Jamie nods at me and says, no problem and gets up from the table and goes over to the pool table.

She proceeds to ask the boys if any of them would be willing to play pay for our drinks if we were to pay that person back in a more personal manner. She didn't have to ask twice, the first guy just went over to the bartender and paid our tab and came back and asked how we would pay him back. Well Jamie took him by the hand and led him into the ladies room, in about 5 minutes she came back wearing an evil grin I loved to see and pretending to be wiping her lips. The guy came back out in another minute or so, I guess he had to pee. He walked past Jamie, patted her butt and picked up his beer.

Well the other were very interested now and by the time we had drunk about half of our second round the bartender came out with another for us and another guy had paid for them. Taking my cue from Jamie I took him into the ladies room as well. I just pulled his pants off as soon as we were inside, he was mostly hard already and I only had to hold his balls for him to become completely hard. I then wasted no time with finesse but just started sucking him off. Deep throating him then sucking on the tip then sliding up and down his rod, balls in my hand the whole time. He didn't last long and rewarded me with a nice mouthful of warm man jizz. Yummy. I licked him clean and kissed him once then went back out to the bar.

What I found when I came out took me by surprise. Jamie had another guy's pants off completely and he was sitting on a table while she sat in front of him in a chair sucking his cock and massaging his balls. Her halter top was on the floor and the other guys were gathered around watching hungrily. I was staring at this when the guy I just drained walked out behind me and was taken up short just as I was. After a moment I said "she really does have nice tits doesn't she?" He just looked at me then at Jamie and then at his friend's blissful look as his cock was swallowed whole then drawn back out.

The bar had maybe 15 or 20 people in it and they were all no watching what was going on at the table in the corner. The bartender came over and asked me if she was going to do this for everyone because this was his bar and he didn't want any trouble yada yada yada. I said I thought we could arrange something so he left us and went to the front door and locked it placing a sign in the small window on the door. (I found out later this sign said closed for private affair. How true was that?!) Then he just nodded to me. Well with the door locked I figured what the fuck and was out of my clothes faster than a pig can fall in slop. :)

I walked over to the guy closest to the current action, rubbed his cock through his pants and took him to another table where I removed his pants and knelt down in front of him and began to suck his cock as well. The guys in the bar cheered there was the sounds of tables moving, chairs scraping across the floor and stuff being tossed around like when you throw your shoes into the corner of the room. Well that was exactly what it was, when I looked up there were two queues forming up of guys busily getting naked.

Well here we are 2 naked girls in a room full of men that are also rapidly becoming naked behind a locked door with more booze than we can ever consume and I'm thinkin' "This could be bad, or it could be bad-ass!" So after my number 2 shoots his wad I go over to Jamie before she can take on her own number 3 and she said not to worry and that she actually knew bartender and everything was cool. So I said "what-the-fuck?!" and then asked the room "who's next?"

We had a really bitchin' time I can tell you, we got very seriously drunk and very seriously covered in cum. I was surprised though that not one single guy tried to fuck either of us. We had lots of guys eat our pussies and we gave blowjobs to everyone in the room, some more than once but not once did anyone try to fuck us. I guess that they all just really needed a good blowjob and to lick some young wet pussy.

I know that towards the end of our little party, when there were naked guys passed out around the room and we were sucking random cocks to see if they would respond being that drunk. (Some did, most didn't) I distinctly remember that at some point Jamie and I were on a table in a tight 69 with guys sitting around us jacking off. I felt like I was in a porn movie and I guess that's why it was so much fucking fun, because I had always wanted to be the center of this much attention and had not been before this. It was a wonderful night and despite being drunk as a skunk I remembered a lot of it. We were filled in on a lot more of it by Jamie's friend the bartender a couple of days later over lunch. Turns out he doesn't drink but he does like to watch, and it turns out that he really liked Jamie, they've been married for 5 years now.

I need to go back to Florida for a visit I think...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A question...

Recently a reader expressed her concern with what to me is a totally normal aspect of my life and that brings up an ethical question. Should I discuss in this forum my sexual experiences with members of my own family?

The fact that my family has been sexually active with one another practically my entire life can startle and even shock people and actually produce feelings of revulsion and it made me consider that perhaps there are some topics I should just avoid all together.

I have no desire to have people not like me or what I write and so I want to be sure that the people that read my blog are not only turned on and entertained by what has happened to me and my friends but that they are left thinking "That sounds like fun, I want to try that myself." That makes people support you and come back to read more of what you write, and that's what I want.

So I come to you all to ask you your opinion to the following question(s); Are there topics that you would not want to read about here? Anything that makes you go "Ewwww, what was she thinking?!" Anything that if it occurs I just should not relate. or should I just continue writing the way I do being completely honest with my readers and not leaving out anything?

I will be keeping the stories from this past holiday weekend locked up until I receive a consensus of my readers. I am waiting for your opinions.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In Days Gone By

A little while ago my mom and I were talking in the kitchen about things that had happened in the past, and she brought up 3 or 4 things that I might not have remembered if she hadn't said something about them just then.

One thing I remember was a party my parents gave once when I was young and they were all playing a game where someone was blind folded and different people were coming up and sucking his cock for 3 minutes each and he was trying to guess who they were. If he guessed right that person would suck the players cock until he came, but if he guessed wrong then the person would stop sucking his cock and someone else would replace them for the next 3 minutes.

The player being sucked could not reach out to touch the player sucking his cock and the player doing the sucking could not touch the other player with anything except their mouth, lest they give away their identity. (This game doesn't translate well for licking pussies unless there are no male players. Facial hair can be a dead giveaway.)

Well I had been asleep but had come out for a glass of water or some such reason and found this game going on. My mom held a finger to her lips to tell me to be quiet and had me get into the line to suck the blindfolded players cock, our neighbor Mr. Kendal. After 2 or 3 others had their turns I found myself at the head of the line. My mom gave me a gentle push forward and smiled so I knelt in front of him and took his hard, and very wet dick, in to my mouth. I was in heaven! I was being allowed to play an adult game at an adult party! I couldn't believe my luck, I felt very special.

Well there was no chance he was going to guess me so after my 3 minutes he guessed wrong and I went to the side of the room with others who he hadn't guessed. I envied my mom though because he actually did guess her and so she got to suck the cum out of him! He was very surprised indeed to find a naked 11 year old among the mouths that he couldn't guess.

After that my mom was mom again and made me go back to bed, but I have always treasured that night as a special night because I was included where I had never been before. It was like a secret toy that got to take out and look at because I had one and no one else did and you can bet that I told my siblings about it all at every chance I got. :)

This is going to be a great weekend, I can feel it already!

No Place Like Texas!

Ahhh. I have just finished settling in for the weekend, my bags are unpacked and I am wonderfully naked in my parents home in Houston, looking forward to a beautiful naked weekend with my whole family!

Truth be known I am also looking forward to being snug in bed with my sister again. It has been a long time since I have felt her beautiful skin against my own.

My cousin Becky is here too (I just love her) with her sisters and brother as well as their parents and my gran and gram as well. Family members from age 5 to 80! Wow is it great to be home!!!

Who are you going to spend the holiday weekend with? Will you be making love to them? I surely hope so! I know I will be having a spectacular weekend! Kisses...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pizza Toppings

Friday night I was at Kim's house and we splurged a bit and ordered a pizza from the local delivery joint. When it arrived the driver who was a really nice boy brought it to the door and was stunned to find two naked women answering the door. We paid him for our food and then asked him if he'd like to come inside and get his tip. ;)

I know you can see where this is going but then again, maybe not.

He came inside with a huge grin on his face and before he could say much more than Hi I was on my knees in front of him undoing his pants! Kim set the pizza on the table then came to help me with our delivery boy. Out pops a nice 7 inch cock that was already getting hard, (you just gotta love young boys for this ability, but age brings endurance so there you go...). I quick like a bunny popped it my mouth and gave it a good sucking while Kim massaged and licked his balls. He gave a bit of a squeak when Kim pushed a finger into his young ass and then squeezed his balls at the same time. He filled my mouth with a huge warm load of cum that dribbled out a bit and onto my naked tits.

Kim came around to clean him up and we had him back on his way in under 10 minutes. But before he left Kim "suggested" that he come back by the house after work if he was interested in a real treat. He just nodded and said "thank you ma'am" and stumbled back out the door. We laughed hard after he had driven away and went to devour our pizza.

About 1am the door bell rang twice. We had gone to bed about 11 o'clock to enjoy each other as much as possible since Kim's hubby was away and the sound startled us both. Kim went to the door still naked but with a sarong on but untied, she was holding it closed with one hand and peeked out the spy-eye in the door and squealed with laughter. She called out to me that it was our delivery boy and that he was not alone! Up I jumped and ran a comb through my hair and trotted out to the living room in my favorite outfit! Kim opened the door, said hello and asked everyone to come inside.

Our delivery boy turned out to be named Mike and he had brought with him 4 friends, Bill, Jon, Thomas and Janet. Janet was the surprise for me, I didn't think for a moment that a young lady would come with our horny pizza by. Well they all came inside and it took just a moment for all of them to stop dead when they noticed we were both naked. Mike said "See, I told so." and his friends were all a bit taken aback that he wasn't telling fibs. I asked him what he had told them and he repeated how he had tried to tell them that he had delivered to a house with two gorgeous (His word, I swear it.) naked women and that he had been invited back after work. They hadn't believed everything he had said so they came along to see for them selves.

So I walked over to Mike, planted a major kiss on him and rubbed his cock through his khakis and said "Oh he told you the truth I'd wager. Did you come to watch or play?" This resulted in open mouths and startled looks. Ya just gotta love it. Before any of them could answer my question I had unbuckled Mike's pants again and was pulling them down and Kim says to the group "make your selves comfy, there's beer in the fridge if you want some." Other than sitting down, nobody moved. I had to chuckle.

Since I had sucked off Mike to begin with it was Kim's turn to taste teen tool and she wasted no time in hoovering Mike's hard cock into her mouth. He was still standing facing his friends and Kim was bent over at the waist sucking his cock, her lovely naked ass pointed right at their faces. I walked up beside her and spread her ass cheeks so they had a lovely view of her neatly trimmed pussy and said "Pretty isn't it?" There were nodding heads but to my surprise it was Janet that spoke up, "I have always wanted to try that, but none of my girlfriends is into it." she had said with a shy grin. "Well here you have two very willing naked women Janet, take your pick." I answered and without missing a beat she stood up and began stripping off in front of her male friends who had clearly always wanted to see her naked.

Once naked she walked over to me and ran her hands across my breasts, kissed me ever so softly and pressed may ass in her hand. Then she surprised me yet again by kneeling down behind Kim and pressing her face into the crack of Kim's ass! Kim was only startled for a second then she pressed back against Janet's tongue and kept going on Mike's hard cock.

This left the three boys one of which, Jon, had unzipped and was shamelessly stroking his cock as he watched his fantasy girl Janet licking a woman's pussy as she gave his friend a blow job! Tom and Bill were also mesmerized by this sight but had not done anything about it yet when I stood in front of them, cleanly shaved and naked and said "The first one undressed gets to fuck me first." Well that generated some reaction I can tell you, and despite his being partially naked and having a hard cock in his hand it wasn't Jon that was first but Tom.

Well it turns out that of the 5 of them the only one that wasn't still a virgin was Janet, so nakedness then generated the inevitable "Now what do we do?" looks. So I took Tom and sat him down, sucked his cock for a moment to be sure he was good and stiff then sitting over him showed him how to guide his tool home. When I had slid down the length of his rod and was sitting on his lap I stopped for a moment to allow the moist dampness of my pussy to surround his cock, and for some of my juice to run down on to his balls. Then I sort of rocked a few times with him deep inside me and began to rise up again when I felt him tense before cumming, so I slid back down on him so he was fully inside me and let his cum fill me up. He blushed, all the way down to his toes! He apologized to me for being so fast but I simply told them all that there was plenty of time and not to worry.

I slipped off of Tom's wet dick and sucked him into my mouth again, cleaning him off and then sat right next to him on the couch. Bill I had sit on my other side and Jon I put between my legs so he could fuck me while I played with his friends cocks in front of him. I paid more attention to Tom's cock than Bill because I wanted Bill to cum inside me, not all over my hand, but I kept him good and hard. Jon took a bit longer before he added his load to Tom's but when he did he began thrusting very forcefully indeed! When he was finished he pulled out slowly, and I had Bill hop up so he could trade places with Jon. Bill needed no encouragement and was inside my wet pussy and thrusting away before Jon was settled!

I love the feeling of a soft cock covered in cum so while I lay back enjoying the feel of another hard cock inside me I was busily rubbing a soft wet cock with one hand and a rapidly hardening cock with the other. What's that saying? A cock in your bush is good when there's two in your hands? Something like that. ;)

Anyway, while this was taking place Kim had sucked Mike dry again and was on her back with Janet in a 69 as she stroked Mike back to hardness. Clearly Janet was having a grand ol' Time indeed fulfilling her dream to eat pussy and having her own pussy eaten by a woman that I know from experience can make the earth move and the sky tremble. I was having a good time myself watching the three of them and staying focused on what was happening to me.

Both boys had moved so they could lick my tiny boobs, and while this was not quite as wet as I imagine a dog licking my boobs would be I could tell that they were flying high so I let it go. Kim and I would show them all how it's done later, right now I wanted them to be entranced and hard and I wanted more cum inside me! No sooner had I thought that then Bill obliged me by shooting his load into my very damp pussy. When he gasped his last I turned to Tom and asked him if her was ready to try again. He almost jumped from the couch and was between my thighs in a moments and into my now dripping tunnel of lust. He was much better the second time, keeping a good rhythm and holding me on his cock. It was a good 15 minutes before he came a second time inside me and I was really riding at a peak, just shy of an actual orgasm.

All three boys had two turns inside me and I must say that for novice cocks-men they did well. But I was still missing my first orgasm while I know I had heard Kim hit at least two with Janet busily licking her velvet soft pussy. I also noticed that instead of the girls still being locked in an embrace of labia Janet was now being fucked by Mike while Kim was under them both licking Janet's ass and playing with Mike's balls as he fucked his friend. I took turns sucking one the boys so they would get hard again because at this point I had a plan to cum hard.

When Mike was finished filling Janet's tight little box I sent Jon to replace him before she could change positions. She wasn't even aware that a change of cocks had taken place at first until Mike came around in front of her and offered her his cock to suck. She took it too! I was amazed at this girl who could be no more than 17 or 18 and she was sucking pussy and cock and being fucked by a second guy in the same night. I mean I expect such behavior from me, but then I'm a fucking cum slut! :)

Kim went and sat on Mikes face while he lay back being sucked the third time in the same night, this time by his good friend while she was being fucked by another friend. When Jon had fired his load into Janet's tight but not so tight anymore pussy she had Mike hard again and was sucking for all she was worth. She took loads from the other two boys as well and the action was varied and wet, her pussy making the same sloppy slurping sounds my own was making just a few minutes earlier. When she had received her 4th load I replaced the cock between her thighs with my mouth, and softly, gently and deliberately sucked every drop of cum I could from her dripping wet pussy. YUMMY! I love warm cum from pussy! My favorite!

Janet was gasping, rolling and arching as I licked and sucked her friends cum from her pussy and when she came herself I was very happy indeed. I stood up and was admiring the large pile of naked flesh in Kim's living room, limp dicks everywhere and a well worked young pussy on the table in front of me. It was then that I noticed the warm trial running down my leg, my pussy was oozing it's treasure of six loads down to Kim's carpeting when some dripped on to Janet's knee. Her eyes came open and she reached up and touched my floppy, dripping pussy lips, sat up at once and began to repay the favor! I had to sit down!

She was eagerly sucking and licking the boys cum from my legs and lips, sucking it from the depths of my pussy. Fingering me so she could coax every last drop out of me, just as I had done for her. She was soft, tender, exciting and thorough and by the time my own orgasm was building she had cleaned me of cum and was now sucking only pussy juice. I tried to stop her, I told her that when I came there would be proof, that it might surprise her, but she kept at me until finally I exploded! A huge, wall dripping, earth shaking, registered on the Richter scale orgasm, and I must have squirted her with a gallon of goo! It was in her hair, dripping from her chin, running down her back and her perfect round tits and of course running down my legs and ass as well. She didn't stop! She was even more excited and went after my pussy with gusto!

Jon, having been in the line of fire as it were was rubbing my orgasm over his once more hard cock when he walked up behind Janet. He had slipped his cock inside her pussy to get it good and wet then pulled it out and slipped in into her tight young ass. That made her gasp, but she returned to my pussy very quickly and we were all very soon in a dance together. Kim was sucking young cock and stroking another it was an amazing evening. If I wrote down everything that took place for the rest of the night and most of the next day we would have a short book. They all finally left to go home at 9pm on Sunday night, not having had a stitch of clothing on the entire time.

We discovered that Jon had always wanted to have sex with Janet since he was 12 or 13. All 5 of them had grown up together so they were never anything but friends. On Saturday morning Bill and Mike discovered that they also enjoyed sucking cocks and they practiced on every cock in the room, Bill was even able to suck his own cock after some fancy yoga shit while we all sat around him in a circle and masturbated with each other. Jon learned that he liked to fucked in the ass when Kim produced a small strap-on and proceeded to fuck all of us. The agreed upon rule being that everyone at least try what was happening. (Yes even I participated despite my lack of desire to be fucked in the ass, Kim's strap-on was not large and it only hurt a bit.) Janet and I took turns drinking cum from Kim's pussy and the three of us enjoyed the attention of 4 cocks very very much.

It was a wild, wet, naked, exciting weekend that I won't be forgetting anytime soon all because I wanted to order a pizza!

You never know where fun will cum from. ;)

Janet with Mike's cum

Kim with lots of cum

8 Loads for Melody

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Happy Halloween, although a day late and it was also my birthday as well. 28 Years old now!

Have a pussy pic as a present...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Well after a long, and fairly successful month of shows the horses and I are finally home. And after putting the horses into nice dry stalls and supplying some food then putting away all of the traveling gear the first concerted thing I did was get friggin' naked!!!

I am sooooooooo happy to be home in my own little world where I don't have to worry about the 10 year old from the next camp site peeking in my windows, or his father then coming over and trying it himself. (Swear to god!) Home where my toys are, where the bathroom has a TUB in it, where I can sleep in a real bed again! Where I can sit by a fire INSIDE the house. ;)

Don't get me wrong, the RV we have is very comfy, but it is a touch on the small side. 3 steps pretty much covers the whole floor. After a while you just want some more space. But now that I am not driving all day I will take some time to share some of the adventures that took place on this past trip.

So I am finally home and warm and naked and wet. I think I'll go masturbate a few times and get something to eat. Bye for now...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why I'm Missing...

It has been one of those days and I am just looking to chill. I am surfing porn and looking for some odd things. I hope you all have a happy horny day, I am sure I will...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Live and In Person!!

So when I am alone, which is often, and I feel a little tingle I am fortunate that I am able to address the feeling right away. This means that I can, and indeed frequently do, address that particular feeling several times every day. But I was thinking about it today and began to realize that not everyone would be familiar with how this actually feels so I thought that I might attempt to share this with you all.

To begin with it is important to know that all sorts of things will start my motor running. Vibration is a sure and certain trigger. Leaning against the washer during the spin cycle, riding the little John Deere quad we use on the ranch, riding horses of course and once last year I was sitting on a fence watching my bosses daughter ride when we had a little earthquake, that was cool! But it is not just the obvious things like these that will flip my trigger, there are lots of other little things that get my mind moving in a sexual direction and starts that wonderful itch between my thighs.

For instance, rain. When ever I am outside in the rain my pussy just seems to love that. Seeing two horses nuzzling each other always does it too. Something about the soft loving manner that this happens I find truly arousing. Underwear shopping. Watching people in the mall always gets me going too. The act of simply talking about sex and sexy things will ALWAYS make me want to touch my self without fail.

That being said the next thing to do is to describe how it actually feels when I masturbate. This seems quite a bit more difficult so for this portion I have enlisted the help of my lovely assistant Kimberly! She will write down what I say as I describe for her what I am actually feeling while I am masturbating. Sounds good right?

Hello all, I will simply be quoting what Melody says here so here goes...

I am naked already so we can dispense with the normal strip tease fondling that I go through when I am in fact dressed. I am lying on my chaise, a soft towel under my butt and so lovely helpers on the table beside me. Fingertips under my neck and down my body, slowly, softly. The sensation is like when you get goose-bumpy all up and down your whole body. As my fingers flow under my breasts and up in between them it causes me to catch a breath. Stopping a moment to inhale I lay the palms of my hands on my boobs. It is warm under my hands and cooler everywhere else. OK, not everywhere. Squeeze softly with both hands, as if a lover is caressing my breasts, close my eyes and softly massage my boobs, never lifting my hands. You know that feeling you get when someone starts rubbing your shoulders when you're not ready for it? You draw in a deep breath and then slowly relax into the feeling. Ahhhhhh

My left hand remains on my boob, cupping it, keeping it warm while the right has reverted to fingertips again. Slow circles it draws around my navel, down the scar that runs straight down from the bottom of my rib cage to just north of my vagina. It's a thin, soft scar but you can feel the dots on both sides where the staples were. I shudder when I do that. Running my fingertips softly up both sides of the scar then back down again, makes my toes curl on my right foot.

Between my thighs is getting warmer, no I haven't touched it yet, a damp warmth that I can feel on my thighs and running down under my ass cheeks. Run my fingers down my right leg makes my right side shiver and want to contract. Move my left hand to cover my pussy completely and stroke the inside of my thighs with my right. It causes me to close my eyes even tighter and almost gasp. It is a toss up which is warmer, my hand or my kitty. My hand is getting damp though so my kitty must be winning. I squeeze my hand a bit so it squeezes the outsides of my pussy. I feel dampness on my fingers and palm.

Roll on my side so I can touch my bottom, I have a soft bottom. Fingertips again under my ass cheek, I feel that in my pussy. Give my ass a squeeze, like a hug for my butt.

Yes, she can be silly!

Rubbing my mound now, I shaved this morning so I am very smooth, soft, makes my knees weak as I rub across the top of my pussy. Rub down between my legs, it is wet and hot and slick. My eyes are closed again. It is hard to talk and to do this! I touch my clit so softly and my body jerks.

She's not kidding jerks! She came off of the couch like half a foot just now!

Spread my legs wider, off both sides of my chaise, a little oil on my mound. Feels warm as it runs off of my mound and down between my legs and down my slit. Rubbing it in. Warmth spreads, inside of thighs very wet from oil and my own juice. Two middle fingers, one on either side of my lips, rubbing up slowly, then down slowly. Touch my clit with my thumb. Ring finger and index finger rubbing sides of vagina, middle finger drags through the middle, splitting my lips, slips inside sometimes. Shoulders shaking

Sorry folks this isn't going to work so let me sort of be your color commentator during this part. Melody is naked lying on this shaped couch rubbing her pussy lips between her fingers, slipping one inside her pussy every few strokes. She is incredibly wet but not just her snatch is wet, she is sweating like a lumberjack! Her entire body is covered in drops of sweat and she is breathing very fast and shallow.

She just slipped 3 fingers inside of that gorgeous pussy of hers and is pressing down on her mound with the palm of her hand. That grinds her clit against her hand and I can tell you feel wonderful! Guys, that is why we girls like to be on top, we can press our buttons against you as we grind. She is rubbing fast but not too fast yet, 3 fingers buried to the hilt in her pussy!

I just walked around her and sat directly in front of the action, she has 4 fingers inside almost and is rubbing her clit with her thumb, sort of rolling it under her thumb so it pops out and then is pressed under and pops out... You get the idea. I can't tell you exactly what she is feeling but her hips are rolling and she is panting now. I gather it feels good. One hand on her tits again, squeezing kinda hard too, the skin is red near her chest and white between her fingers. There is a noticeable puddle under her beautiful ass and her pussy is shiny and red as are her legs! 

Ragged breathing now, bucking her hips, she has changed breasts (I wonder if she knows that) the one she was holding has a bright red hand mark on it! Gasping heavily now, she's not said a word for like 15 minutes, and I can see why! She is rubbing her clit now with the tips of 3 fingers, quickly back and forth sort of sort of in a circle at the same time. It looks like she is pressing fairly firmly. Is she breathing at all?!?

Oh! That was spectacular!!! She just squirted about 5 feet! And it was a thick stream too, not like when I squirt at all! Wow! There is juice running out of her well worked, very red pussy, you can see why she always uses a towel!! Her breathing is coming back to a pant at least now. She is so fucking hot!!!

It is an hour now since Kim finished typing this. After I started breathing again she knelt in front of me and softly and sensuously licked my pussy first clean the back to a wet mess! I have cum three times since we began our little live escapade and I have returned the favor as well. Kim's orgasms always taste like oranges to me, I'm not sure why but they do. She says that mine taste like sweet sea water to her, I guess I'm ok with that. :)

I am sorry that I didn't manage to complete what I started and describe my entire experience for you, I really wanted to. Perhaps another time though.

I would like it very much if some of you might try to describe what masturbation feels like for you though. I know I am very interested and I am sure our fellow reader would like to hear about it as well. (Especially you boys out there. I would love a good description of what your hard cock really feels like both just being there and what it feels like to have it in your hand, stroking. Do you use lube? What kind? Are you a dry stroker? Do you look at porn while stroking? The girl next door in her yard? Or are you just a good stroker with only you imagination?

Share with us won't you please?

Yes folks, it's me.  ;)

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Fact of Life

I love people. I love getting to know a person's eccentricities their likes, their dislikes, their perversions. (Especially their perversions!)  ;)

But I truly hate humans as a group. The way the mob thinks, or rather doesn't think, the way they drive and especially the way they act in the "name of God"!

Funny how people can hide behind their religion isn't it? I recently was approached by a small group of women while I was in town treating my self to a rare and in my opinion hard earned meal at the local dining establishment. I don't go to restaurants very often, once maybe twice a month, so it is always something special for me.

Well I was sitting there in the cafe, laptop on the table waiting on my food when these four ladies came over to me and asked very politely if they could join me for a moment. Well I didn't see the harm in it so I closed my laptop and offered them a seat. Very properly turned out ladies in their middle to late 30s, maybe early 40s but I kinda doubt that. They didn't look 40 anyway.

One woman I will can Linda acted as spokeswoman for the group while everyone else basically just agreed and nodded their heads a lot. After one or two ultra polite questions of how did I like the town and how was I doing Linda came right to the point. She said that they had heard that I walked about the ranch "in a state of undress" and was wondering if this were true or not.

Truth being the best option in all such matters I said that yes I did, that I had been a nudist my entire life and that working in the nude was far more comfortable than being clothed. I think you can imagine the looks that comment generated for these women. I don't think they were ready for me to answer yes to their question.

I asked them why it was important to them just what I wore while working at a private ranch, miles from any neighbors and secure behind our fence. I was rewarded with bluster, accusations of my sexual promiscuity and accusations that I would corrupt their children and their "christian" town. I was flabbergasted! What kind of stupid people are these?!

I then asked how they knew I was a nudist to begin with. (There are only a very few people that know I am a nudist in town. My feed guy, he'd never tell anyone. The farrier, no chance he would say anything and risk loosing out on seeing me, and getting the occasional blowjob to boot. ;) And my two riding students and since we have masturbated together I figured they were safe as well. That's all. Oh except my boss of course.) The response to that question was stunned silence, exchanged looks and more bluster.

They skipped it and went right on to their point, which was that they didn't think it was acceptable for me to be in town alone, that my proclivities made me too inclined to be "tempting" the men folk. (I almost said something about finding her ass particularly attractive, which in actual fact it is, but I figured that I had best not give them any more ammunition against me.) I almost laughed at her! Instead I simply told her that if she had some issue with me that perhaps she should take it up with my employer, someone the entire town knows by the way, because she was aware of my nudism and approved so long as I was alone.

More silence and exchanged glances took place. Ah ha! "You've already spoken to my boss haven't you?" I asked, "That's who told you I was a nudist isn't it?!" More awkward silence. Well now I am in a position of strength, so I said "Look, I am not hurting you nor am I tempting your husbands and you can't keep me from coming into town. This isn't Alabama in the 1950s after all. And besides, you shouldn't knock nudism until you've tried it. Besides, even Adam and Eve were nudists until they sinned, God isn't ashamed of naked people, only people like you are. But I'll make you a deal, you don't bother me or try to convert me to your tight-assed church and I won't try to convert any of you to nudism. OK?"

They just sat there and stared at me, then at each other and then at me for several seconds. It seemed like hours. Then I said "Now if you'll excuse me I would like to eat my lunch alone." A few more moments and then one of the quiet ladies said "Yes, of course. Please excuse us." and they stood up as one person and left me alone.

I could not believe it, but at the same time I could. It was the very reason I have been so careful in this stupid little town not to mention my lifestyle, not to let others see me nude unless I felt I could trust them not to tell the town paper, or the town gossip. I was protecting myself and my employer so it is unbelievable to me that it was in fact my employer that let slip about my nudity. Personally I expected one of my riding/masturbation students to have been the leak.

When I spoke to my boss yesterday and told her of this little meeting she was so apologetic it just made me grin! She said she had been just chatting with someone who was going to come out to the ranch "sometime" this week whenever she had the time free and my boss simply said that she should call the ranch first before going, to give me a chance to put some clothes on. It was a simple comment, off hand and unconsidered. The person she was talking to had asked her "You mean she runs around out there naked?!" and my boss just said "Well sure." She didn't even think twice about it.

But the woman she had been talking with was one of the quiet ladies from the group that met me at the cafe, and she had then told one friend who told another and another yada yada yada. Pretty soon a group of women from the church had gotten together and decided to do something about me before I singlehandedly turned their town into Babylon itself.

So in celebration of my encounter with the local tight-asses I am sitting here in my home, blissfully naked, one leg tossed comfortably over the arm of the sofa, typing this entry into my diary and feeling the wonderfully soft, moist folds between my thighs. Rejoicing in the warm dampness, the shivers that roll up my legs and back as I softly touch my nakedness. I don't think these ladies have EVER felt the wonderful sensation that their own fingers can cause within the depths of their flesh. They are most likely the sort that still feel masturbation is immoral and a sin, something to be stamped out by degrading people who practice it. The sort that feel guilty after they have partaken of this blissful and magical feeling that even now is causing my legs to shake and my ass to be sitting in a pool of my own juices.

A shame that really, that Linda really does have a spectacular ass!

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Lovely Hand Job...

I like a nice hand job as much as the next girl, but I can honestly say that I have never in my life encountered a tool quite this large. (Except on a horse!) And the reward she earns for her work is substantial indeed!


I need to find this man...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wow! Now that's a massage!!!

A friend of mine on Babblesex sent me this link today. The video is more than 40 minutes long, very high quality, and so hot that it took me almost 2 and a half hours to watch the whole thing! I cam 5 times! OMG!

I would bet money that you can't watch the whole thing with out cumming at least once! Try it, I dare ya. ;)


It doesn't even suffer from "Porn Music"!

After you've seen it, share your thoughts with me. I want to know...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vegas Baby!!

The past several days I have spent with my Mom, my sister and my boss in VEGAS! And it was a blast and a half!

My boss is a friend of my Mom's you see so it wasn't too unusual for the four of us go on a trip together it was however a major surprise for me.

We stayed at the Bellagio and even went to see "O", the Cirque du Soleil show they have which was extremely cool.

We gambled, we ate and oh my did we have fun!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Any Ideas?


Now That's a Great Surprise!!

So this afternoon I'm working in the stalls making things comfy for the horses when I hear voices outside coming up the path to the barn! WTF?! I keep a pair of overall shorts in the barn for just such an eventuality, they don't exactly cover everything, (My boobs aren't completely covered and they are pretty damn short.), but they are good for emergencies. I quick like a bunny slide into them just as shadows appear at the barn door.

It was then I realized that I needn't have bothered; into the barn comes my boss, my sister Cloe and my Mom!!! I actually screamed! My boss said that she must have startled me if I was wearing clothes which made everyone laugh pretty hard!

Turns out that after a tough month and a half on the road my boss decided that I needed a break, so she secretly has flown my mother and my sister here! In 2 hours we will be on the way to a wonderful vacation city in the West for several days of play and relaxation! My boss is covering the whole trip and the four of us are going to have a wonderful time I'm sure.

I'm sure you all understand why I won't say where we are going, some of you that I have known for a while know that I enjoy our destination immensely. I promise I will share all of the details with you, my online friends, when I return.

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Act out one of your own fantasies this weekend because I have a feeling I will get to live one of mine. ;) At least I'm going to try.

Party Naked!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aaaaccckkkk! Politics!!

Ya know, the way things are going in this country maybe I'll just run off to another country. Hey Pete, do you have a garden shed down there I could live in til I find a job?!? :)

If I had the cash I would so move to Australia or New Zealand or someplace else that still has some sense!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Love Porn!!

Some of you already know of my deep love of porn, I have told you all about my extensive collection of images and have even shared some with my Yahoo friends.

I thought I would share some of my more favored pics with you folks here in my blog just for the fun of it.

These are of one of my favorite things in the whole world, a filled pussy! I love to fuck and feel the wonderful, warm wetness that is a properly filled pussy and I love pictures of it as well. Makes me have to touch myself, what about you?


I have tons and tons of pictures, tell me what you all would like to see and I will share with you what I have.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Really People?!?!

Well my faith in the human race went down another few points this afternoon...

I have been writing my blog and chatting on line about my sexual exploits because it is fun to tell people about my crazy life, it is fun to meet new people like Pete and Sheldon and all of the other wonderful friends I've made, and it is fun to post pics of myself and my favorite porn shots. Conclusion; I am doing it for the fun of it!

But for some fucking reason there are people out there that just can't understand that. Because I like to parade around naked that makes me a what? A whore? A bitch? A slut? A dumb cunt? None of the above folks, it makes me a nudist.

Yes, I LOVE sex. I love sex with strangers too, but on MY terms. Does that make me a whore or a slut, for some people the answer is yes. They are wrong.

Today, some dumb ass who had been chatting with me online decided that since I cyber-sexed him on chat that he would show up here and get a taste of the real thing. I was coming into the barn with one of the horses and here stands this guy, about 25 years old buck-ass naked, with this stupid fucking grin on his face and one of my lunge whips in his hand. I asked him who the hell he was and what the hell he was doing there.

He said he was here to teach me a thing or two. Being in a bit of a compromised position I went along with the situation for a few minutes until I had the horse put away and I was near the office door. I just walked into the office, locked the door and pressed the alarm button.

The cops were there in about 10 minutes and he was still standing in the barn naked with a whip in his hands, expecting me to come back out of the office. I couldn't believe it. No idea how he got in past the fence, but for a couple of minutes there I was pretty damn scared.

The police have recommended that I stop chatting sexually with men online. I am not sure I can do that, I have too much fun at it. But maybe putting this out in the open will hold the problems off...

If I have been chatting with you on Yahoo or Babblesex, great I love both places. But just because I do does NOT give you a green light to look me up in the real world! Ever! If I want to meet you I will arrange that with you, in a public place. Never, never, never, never will I ever invite you to my own home/place of business and if you turn up there only one thing will happen. You WILL be arrested. Guaranteed.

Speculate all you want to as to where I actually do live, but if you show up on my door step I WILL call the cops. I promise. We have a wonderful alarm system here, so don't risk it and be happy to know me online. If you can't handle that restriction then move along. Got it?

I mean jesus, how stupid do you have to be to turn up in my barn naked? What was he thinking, that I would just say "Hey great a naked guy, let's have sex!!!" ? How fucking stupid is that?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Isn't It Lovely...

You know, I think that masturbation is a gift from the gods! No one around? Feeling in the need of a bit of release? Then drop those pants, lift those skirts and toss one off! (As a friend of mine down under says.)

I just love the feel of my fingers on my pussy, in my pussy, soaking wet from my pussy. (Really I just like the word pussy too. Such a warm welcoming word don't you think?) I just, not 15 minutes ago was chatting on line and had one leg over the arm of my chair and 2 fingers very busy rubbing my self into a frenzy. My clit is very touchy so I save touching it until I can take it no longer. I rub my clit for a very few minutes and I erupt in a flow of pleasure and pussy juices! I love this feeling!

I love toy too though. My favorite masturbation toy right now is from a company called Lelo. (Look them up, they are not cheep but they are SOOOO worth every penny.) I love to play with this toy in public, it is so quiet no one ever knows! One of them has a wireless remote and I love to give that to Kim and let her just toy with me. She can be very evil about it! Turning it up high as the waiter comes by to take our order...


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Betcha Gotta Touch It!!

This has got to be the hottest, sexiest, most cum inducing amateur video I have seen in a very long time! And that is saying something!


I'll bet you can't watch all 8 minutes without touching yourself. I couldn't!!!

A Blast from the Past---

I was chatting online not long ago with a friend and he was asking me about having sex in public, (One of my favorite things!), and I was telling him about a little impromptu escapade that a friend of mine and I had in a bar in Florida once about 6 years ago. Telling him this story got me all worked up and I found that I was diddling myself in the remembrance of it. So I thought to me self; "Self, you should post this on the blog page."

My problem was that I had intended this page to be a current diary of sexual escapades and had not thought that something from so long ago was appropriate, so I asked a few readers their opinion. Without exception they said "Post it!!!" So here it is, I hope you enjoy it...

I have had public sex lots of times. One time that flashes to mind a friend of mine and I were in this bar in Florida without a penny to our names, so we were giving blowjobs for drinks. ;) Buy us both a drink and one of us would suck you off. It was a fun evening! But this one guy who had one of the larger dicks I have seen had gotten 3 blow jobs already, one from me and two from my friend and he was asking for something else.

Well my friend wasn't going to let him slip that monster cock up his ass any time soon so I told him he could slide it into my pussy right then and there if he bought the entire bar a round of drinks.

In about 30 seconds I was naked, bent over a barstool with this guys sliding a huge cock into my pussy and giving the bartender a blowjob while the entire bar watched! We fucked like that for maybe 10 minutes before he shot is 4th load of the night into my pussy. (Seemed like an hour at the time! I thought I was splitting in half!)

Well while this was going on my friend was taking bids as to who was going to be next into my wet pussy. Again the price was a round for everyone there. The bidding was brisk I am told, I was consumed by what was happening to my pussy.

The second guy fucked me on a table, and the third guy wanted me to ride him while he lay on the table. The forth guy liked the barstool idea.

This entire time everyone is drinking and cheering and touching us and despite the fact that I didn't think there were a lot of gays in the bar my friend had a nice line formed up in front of him as he doled out blowjob after blowjob.

Some people had come in while this was going on, only one couple left. Everyone else simply joined in. It was a wild night indeed.

Because of all the willing participants in this little romp I myself was covered nearly head to foot in cum, running down mt chest, oozing from my pussy, and there was a fair sized puddle of it an and around the table we had been using. Gross? Perhaps, but at the time it was a wonderful feeling. I had to laugh at my friend as he had cum in his hair and dripping from his lips and looked like someone from a porn video, it really did make me laugh!

I have had other public sexual encounters, and other multi-person sexual  parties, but never anything on this scale. To this day neither of us has any clue as to how many men we were with that night. One thing is certain, we had plenty to drink!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy to be Home

I have spent some time getting back into my naked life and I must say that I really do miss being nude while I am on the road. I mean, I get naked the minute I am behind closed doors of course, but it is just not then same thing.

I also have spent several hours re-acquainting my self with my bath tub! Only a tiny (and I do mean TINY shower in the trailer. (Think almost airplane bathroom size.)) So I have been luxuriating in the hot bubbly waters of my tub almost every evening.

Also the feel of a warm, working horse under my naked ass is always a wonderful sensation that I cannot partake of while I am on the road either so that has been a big part of my daily activities since I got home this time. As well as some good old fashioned outdoors masturbation! I tell you girls there is nothing like the feeling of the sun warming your pussy while diddling yourself by the pool. I love it!

While I am home the feel of soft, supple girl skin accompanied by the fragrant aroma of moist pussy has been filling my evenings as well as Kim has come by to see me 4 times since I have been home. It is an exciting time to be pressed beneath such a wonderfully sensual woman. I truly don't think I can remember a time when making love to a woman has been more urgent and more satisfying as this past week has been.

One more week here at home and it's back on the road for three weeks for two shows that are quite a ways away and will require me to arrive a couple of days early so the horses are well rested. This time I will remember to pack my favorite little Lelo vibrator. (I had left it at home on my night table this last time. A blonde moment for sure! I won't be forgetting it next time I can tell you!)

So for those of you that enjoy keeping track that means that I have not had on one single stitch of clothing for 6 days now! WooHoo!! I just love it!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Homeward Bound

A non-winning weekend in Colorado was still a great deal of fun on Friday and Saturday nights. There is a beautiful young groom with one of the other farms that has been at 2 other shows this year and he has been spending a lot of time watching me. This past weekend I had a touch of fun with him.

Friday afternoon after the show was over and everyone preparing their horses for the next day I noticed this young man watching me as I worked. I had decided to tease this young man but not to approach him because he is only 17 and I am trying to be a good girl. But a little view would do no harm so I decided to put on a show.

I took one of our jumpers to the wash stall and like the good lad that I knew he would be he made some excuse to himself to follow me down there. Now I don't thing that anyone can wash a horse and stay completely dry, but I was not going to even try. I took off my denim shirt leaving only my light blue cotton camisole shirt on top. "Was I wearing a bra?" I hear you ask, well no, I generally don't. I knew that as I got wet my shirt would become very transparent indeed.

Washing a horse is a bit like washing a tall car except that this car likes to move around while your washing it. It is an up and down, bent over affair that takes about 20 minutes. At one point I intentionally bent over to wash his legs so our friend would have an unobstructed view down my shirt. I spent a few extra minutes washing the horses cock so I could show our boy what my hands looked like wrapped around one. Let him think about that for a few hours. ;)

By the time I had finished I was completely soaked, not to mention the massive wet spot in my jeans that was warmer that the rest of my wet clothes were. I smiled and winked at our young friend and then just lead our horse back to his stall. Once I had him put away I made for my trailer to get out of my wet clothes and to have a nice cold beer and something to eat.

He was waiting for me outside my trailer holding a large yellow towel, a huge smile on his face. I didn't really want to chat so I just said howdy and moved past him towards my door. He said thank you very sheepishly while smiling and staring at his feet. "For what?" I asked, trying to remain cool. "For the um, well just thank you." I giggled and smiled at him, "my god" I thought, "I am such a silly slut!" but what came out of my mouth was, "Would like to come in and have a beer with me?" Any guesses what his response was?

Inside I pulled out a couple of beers opening both and I gave one to him. "I'm sorry but I gotta get out of these wet clothes." And he says "Oh" and started to get up when I told to simply sit down.

Now I don't know if I have described my trailer before but it's a horse trailer with a small cabin up front. And I do mean small. Two people inside is about the most you would ever want to try to stuff inside. If you stand in the center and stretch out your arms you can almost touch every surface. Not a huge place. I think he thought I was asking him to leave and he gallantly tried but I gave him a gentle push back into his seat. I then began to strip off what there was of clothing and in about 10 seconds I had become naked so fast he barely had time to register the fact in his brain.

I sat back down across from him and he just sort of gaped at me for a moment and then he collected his wits a bit and had a pull from his beer. "So, I'm Melody. Who are you?" Caught him off guard again, he managed to stammer out "Kevin" and I decided to push on ahead and I asked him a question I was sure he expected the least; "So Kevin, are going sit around like that or are you getting naked with me?" I don't think I have ever seen some one move so quickly.

Well we sat, naked and chatted and drank beer. We talked about the horse show, about the horses he was working, about our respective employers that sort of thing, but I kept making sure he could see my kitty by sitting with one leg out in front of me on the couch and the other on the floor, or by bending over at the waist when digging another beer from the fridge. He had an almost screaming hard on! I loved it!

When I sat down after fetching our 3rd beer I sat directly across from him so I could stretch out my leg and touch his dick with my foot. When I did this, I rubbed my toes on his balls, he groaned and shot a huge and I mean huge wad all over himself and my foot! I could not help myself, I laughed. But after a few moments I said "don't worry about it dear, I have been teasing you mercilessly." I got up and then knelt in front of him and proceeded to lick his belly, balls and cock clean. In the process his dick got hard again, like a steel rod so I gave him a slow, soft and proper blowjob and this time when he finally cam I didn't let a single drop escape my mouth.

Once he was clean again and his cock was softening in my mouth I let him slip out and I got up from in front of him and resumed my seat on the couch facing him. I took a nice pull on my beer then I leaned back, spread my legs as far as I can just looked at him. Before I could make a suggestion as to how he might pay me back in kind his face was buried in my smooth and very wet pussy. For a self confessed first timer he was really very good at this. "I watch a lot of porn" he said to me when I asked about it.

After just a few minutes of his concentrated attention on my pussy I surprised him one more time by squirting all over his beautiful young face! He was stunned I think but I explained to him what it was and how he might be able to get this same reaction from other women. He smiled at that thought, I think he filed this information away for future use. (I certainly hope so anyway.)

We had another beer and turned on the TV, he sat next to me in the corner of the little sofa in the trailer my head in his lap as I toyed with his soft cock and massaged his balls. We ordered pizza, when the guy came to the door I answered it with a towel wrapped around me that was far too short to cover everything. The pizza guy probably got an eyeful!

After we had eaten dinner it was time for him to eat me again, and for me to have some more of his young and happy cum. We played and sucked and licked each other all night until we were too damn tired to keep playing. It wasn't until the next morning when I was dressed and ready to start my day (5am in case you were wondering) that I realized he hadn't fucked me! Can you imagine?!

Well I will try to tell you all about Saturday night another time, right now I am going to make sure everyone is bedded down properly and then I am going to masturbate until I can no longer walk straight! We are in a KOA tonight on our way home, I hope I don't make too much noise...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Soft skin, warm to the touch.

Smooth, supple, resilient.

Tingles at the caress of fingertips.

Cupping my hand over the mound.

Fingers feeling the warmth, the dampness, pressing in.

Tight, moist gripping on my fingers

Drawing them slowly back to the light, the surface

Drawing moisture along the soft skin.

The button, the pearl, the gateway

A shudder, more tightness, relaxing,

Another shudder

A gasp

An explosion!

Wet, warm, wonderful...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I have broken a sacred rule Part III

So here we are in my living room and I am naked very quickly (go figure) they both were a bit timid to be naked but they stripped off and for just a moment we stood there looking at each other. They were fascinated by my scars, asked how I had gotten them. We did a brief history lesson of my own life while they looked at the various damaged parts of me. I pulled my hair back from the side of my head and showed them the one that nearly took it all away. They were unprepared I think to see a woman as beaten up as I actually am.

I looked at the two of them, smooth, fresh and young both of them unblemished by freckle or scar. "Kate" has trimmed her pubic hair very closely to a small triangle pointing towards her womanhood, while "Amy" is still a natural girl though the edges of her hair are trimmed so she can wear her swimsuit. Both girls have attractive, round breasts and are basically built like cheerleaders. I was very jealous.

I sat down at the front edge of my chair facing them and they took my lead and both sat on my sofa and I asked if they had ever really looked at their own vaginas, closely I mean with a mind towards understanding. The answer, as it is for most women they say, was no. So I had them take their mirrors and examine themselves slowly and completely while I sat across from them and did the same so we could share what we were looking at. Once we got started they asked lots of questions. (Fortunately they never asked a question I couldn't answer.)

I had them explore their labia, and pull back the hood that covers their clitoris. I had them touch it, fell how it stiffened as they manipulated it, roll it between their fingers. I showed them that their clit was their love button, that they could (or someone else could) drive them wild by playing with it. They took their time feeling the sensations this generates. Kate said that a boy once was touching her while they were making out and had stumbled upon this wonderful little button but had no idea what he was doing and moved on to other things instead of continuing to touch it. A shame for both of them really.

Then I showed them were to find their g-spots. This isn't as straight forward as finding your clit as the spot is in a slightly different spot for every woman, but the search is well worth the effort. Amy found hers first and almost jumped up off the sofa. (The first feeling you get when you touch your G-spot is a bit like having to pee very urgently.) I told them that this was completely normal and to just keep playing, the feeling passes.

I found myself wondering if my mother felt the way I did then as she showed these things to my sister and I, and I found myself feeling very sorry for these two girls that their own mothers never took the time to share this with them. Granted we were much younger than these two when my mother showed us, but our family is a bit "different" than the average.

This initial exploration of our vaginas took about an hour and I am happy to report that they both managed to experience their first true orgasms right there on my sofa. I kept my self from having an orgasm because I didn't want to startle these two with the sight of me squirting across the room at them. We'll save that for later.

We chatted quite a bit afterwards, sitting naked together like kids around a campfire. They asked me about my first experiences and I was forced to explain rather more than I had planned on initially. I told them about being a nudist and about my mother doing for me exactly what I just did for them. I told them how I felt about being nude around people and I tried to make it clear that while I didn't see anything wrong with what we had just done and were still doing, their parents or their friends parents might not be quite so understanding.

After we had a bite to eat and had recovered a bit I asked if they were ready for seeing another woman's vagina close up. Amy and I got up on my kitchen counter and I had Kate pull up a seat right in front of us. Then I had Kate first look at her own pussy in the mirror again and then at Amy's and compare the two, and then compare both of them to my own. The questions began right away; Why did my pussy look so much fleshier than the two of them, why did my clit push out from under my hood while theirs stayed hidden, why was Amy's pussy so much wetter looking than either of ours, and how did I get my entire pussy so smoothly shaved while Kate had a "shadow" where her hair had been. They were very observant students really.

Kate's next task was a bit harder for her than I think she was ready for. She had to touch first herself, then Amy and then me. Exploring, looking for the G-spot, touching the clitoris, playing with the lips, opening them up and examining them slowly. Asking more questions. Then, after a while of her actively participating in this assignment it was time for her to change places with Amy. Amy had to do all of the same things that Kate did, and unsurprisingly she asked many of the same questions over again. She spent quite some time looking at my pussy but paid very close attention to her friend. They both were very obviously excited and the conversation had a lot of shy giggling as well as breathy gasps.

The question finally came up, had I had an orgasm as well earlier like they had, I told them no and the reason why I had held that back. This created an additional excitement and they both wanted to see this. So I resumed my seat on the chair facing the sofa and they both sat down, I noticed that they were pressed together on the sofa in front of me. I put my legs on the table and was softly rubbing the fleshy portions of my pussy, they were watching closely as they had been unable to do earlier since they had been examining themselves. I love an audience and it was only a very short time before that old welcome feeling washed over me from my feet up then down again and BANG! I squirted for them once, twice, three times maybe four it was wonderful! They were stunned. "Wow" says Kate, "and you can do that when ever you want?!" A breathless smiling nod from me. "Every time, and so can you probably." (Most women can actually, or so they say. I have met several that can.)

Now I looked over at them and they had been sitting touching legs, now they both had their legs open and were touching each other. I leaned back in my chair and rubbed my now soaking wet self while I watched two girls have their first sexual experience with each other. It didn't take long and it wouldn't win any awards from the porn industry but they both had successful orgasms and they had done it together. It was probably the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

It was nearly 5pm and we had been upstairs now since 2. I had work to do, (There's always work to do.) and they needed to get home. They dressed, I didn't, and they gathered up their things. Hugs and kisses were exchanged (which nearly derailed the process of them leaving.) and I said good-bye to them at Kate's car, standing there in my all together. I would like to think that this has been an enlightening experience for both of them, I would like to think that they will carry this day around with them all of their lives the way I carry the same memory of my sister and my mother with me. I just hope I don't live to regret what has happened here, it was after all a journey of the most important type of exploration; the exploration of themselves and I am honored to have been there at the beginning of that journey.

Here's to your journey girls, (lifting my wine glass in toast), may your pleasures be many, frequent and diverse and may they always be at your own willing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I have broken a sacred rule Part II

Well today we had another lesson, she is keeping her seat very well in the easier jumps but she still has a lot of work to do, but that is what they pay me for after all. We were all business today in the arena but things changed again when we went back inside the barn to groom and put up the horses.

Friday as you may remember Amy had asked me if I would show her what I meant when I described to her what sort of kiss I liked. I knew it was a bad idea but did I mention that she flipping gorgeous? I relented, (You knew I would didn't you? What can I say, I'm weak.) Well it was a start and stop sort of affair until I suggested that she just let me drive and just go with it.

I wrapped my arms around her loosely so as not to startle her and planted a soft, open mouth kiss on her, sucked her lower lip, licked her lips, played with her tongue, I stroked her hair and traced the line of her ear with my finger, softly, slowly drawing her into me as we stood there. After quite a while I stopped, she was properly breathless as was I, and I said "That's how I like to kiss." Then I smiled, spanked her butt once and went back to grooming my horse.

She stood there for a moment then said simply "Wow. I liked that".

We talked more about the kiss and about boy-girl things, (did I mention that she's not yet 18?) and lots of other stuff as well while I showed her the proper way to oil her saddle to keep it from drying out. All the time thinking to myself "What did you just do?!?!" I know better than that! Well maybe this would be the end of it.

No such luck!

No sooner were we back in the barn than there she was standing right next to me looking all sexy with her hair sweaty and a good sweat stain on her riding pants and shirt just looking at me with that look in her eyes. I attempted to skate past it by reaching past her to get a currycomb off of the shelf behind her but she drew a deep breath as I reached past her and I knew she was smelling me, man was I in trouble!

"Listen Amy, maybe we should just chock up Friday as an extra lesson and forget it." I suggested. "Oh, no problem," she says "it's just that I was talking to my girlfriends over the weekend," (Exactly what I did NOT want to have happen!!) "and they think I should see what else I can learn from you." I said "No, see that is want I don't want to have happen. Do you see it wouldn't be good for it to get around town that I go around kissing underage girls? I could get into a ton of trouble, and so could my boss."

"Not a prob" she says, "What do you think would happen to me? It's a small town you know." Don't I ever?!?! "It's just that my BFF liked the way I kissed her on Saturday and I told her I learned it from you. She said we should see what else you'd show us." I giggled a little and said "'BFF' Amy, really?" She turned instantly red and I was completely ashamed of my self for saying it. She was trying to be cool and I had shot her down, damn I'm stupid sometimes. I just complicated my life twice!

I apologized profusely, gave her a hug and suggested that we finish with the horses, we could talk afterwards. That served to get past my blunder in our conversation but the kiss was still out there, hanging. Well we finished, put the horses and the tack away,gave them a light feed and went upstairs for a glass of something to drink. She said that her "BFF" Kate (also not her real name) was coming to pick her up because her mom had gone into Lodi and would not be home until later in the evening. (Time for me to ask an obvious question), "Is this the same girl you were kissing on Saturday?" When she said that it was I found an opportunity to maybe nip this in the bud. "Do you think she would like to stay and talk awhile?" I asked. "I know she will" she said. Good. I could emphasize to both of them how important it was to keep this all to them selves.

Kate showed up not quite 20 minutes later and we got something cold to drink and settled in my living room. I told them both how important my job was to me, how I needed this job so I could pay off my bills and have a place to live. They both swear they understand. But then Kate asks right out of the blue; "Melody have you ever had sex with a girl?" What the hell?! "Yes I have, lots of times." "So are you gay then?" "Well no Kate actually, I like both boys and girls. Does that shock you?" Her answer shocked me! "No, not at all." Really? I was wondering where this conversation was headed when she proudly announced that both she and Amy were bisexuals. I know I came to this realization very early in my life, but I am a major exception I thought. Not many people after all can lay claim to a childhood like mine; a world of naked Barbies on horseback with naked GI Joes running around as I played with my sister and brothers also naked as Jaybirds.

So I was now hooked, "Have the two of you ever done anything together then?" Amy spoke up and said "Only kissing and touching, but I don't think we're doing it right." Again, WTF? "What do you mean by 'Not doing it right?'" Turns out they were convinced that what they had seen in the porn videos on her brother's computer was what real women did together. I couldn't help it, I laughed.

"No dear, not really." I managed to say and laugh at the same time, "But I understand why you might think that." "Have either of you ever been with a boy?" was my next question. Again the just kissing and touching thing and again they didn't believe they were doing it right. Porn again. Egads! I love porn as much as anyone but this is silly.

Well Amy looks me right in the eye and said that they had been talking since last Friday and they had decided to ask for my help. Well what the heck can I do? Then it dawned on me!

When I was very young my mother took me aside one day and told me all about sex and sexuality and taught me about the pleasures of masturbation. Her gentle words of encouragement and her taking the time to show me where things were and what they felt like have served me faithfully my whole life. Since my accident a couple of years ago when I lost all of my "mommy parts" I have been lamenting the fact that I could never return the favor to my own daughter. Now here was an opportunity to do real and permanent good for two girls at once!

"Do you girls masturbate?" I asked, It made me smile that both of them were embarrassed by the question, but they both did say they did. "Do you have orgasms?" was my next obvious question. This was met with questioning looks and one very quiet "I guess so." I was right! Parents really need to begin encouraging masturbation instead of making it something dirty that their kids are forced to practice in secret!

I went and fetched a couple of hand mirrors, (Yes I really am that vain!) and came back and sat across from them. and handed one to each. I asked "Are you sure you want me to help you?" Two nods and a yes. "Then you mustn't tell anyone that I have. Agreed?" Again the nods. "Alright then we are all friends here and a promise is good enough."

I stood up and began unbuttoning my shirt while the two of them just stared at me a moment. I said "Come now ladies, up you get." They stood. "Now, off with your clothes, I am going to introduce you to your very best friend in the whole world. Your vagina!"

(To be continued, my fingers are tired.)