Thursday, March 30, 2017

Open Road

Well finally, after quite a long break I am on the road again! OK, I'm not actually competing this year just caring for the horses and practicing with them, making sure my bosses daughter looks good in the saddle. I am totally ok with that! Because it means that at least some of the time any way I am out exploring, driving with the horses and meeting new people that I would never have had the opportunity to get to know back in my safe little cottage by the lake.

Speaking of that little cottage, this is my first road trip that when I am finished and I drive back into the barn I will be driving back to my home! That means a lot to a wanderer like my self. Every time I have traveled before I have always come back to someone else's home, my parents then my boss in California. It was never my home that was waiting for me at the end of the trail and I am looking forward to the feeling of coming home.

Not much has happened yet on this trip, I only just left home yesterday afternoon after all, but I know I am going to have a good time. I have my hunting cap on so to speak. This morning I hooked up and started driving again around 4am, the better to avoid daytime traffic. It wasn't even 5am before I had stopped and peeled off my jeans. I have driven naked before but I have also gotten a ticket for that before too so I had on a shirt and my swimsuit bottoms. (Makes it easier to get back out of the truck too.)

Well before breakfast at 8am I had stopped in 4 different rest areas so I could finger myself silly. I guess that proves that driving makes me horny! Well here we are now stopped for the night, the horses are fed and my camp is set up and I am contemplating dinner. In the meantime though I am going to shower and have as many orgasms as I can stand! It is going to be a good trip!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What I Like

You know, I love to suck cocks. To feel the firm hardness of a man's meat between my thighs and to experience the warm releasing payoff of a man's orgasm. So don't take this badly boys when I say that when it comes to porn, women rule the roost!

I have always loved the shape, the curves, the sensual flow of a female body. The incredible way that a woman curves from knees to her shoulders like a beautiful car it is impossible to prevent your hands from reaching out and following the lines.

I remember as a girl watching the women around the ranch as they walked about nude and thinking that I must be wired wrong. Don't get me wrong now, naked men do make me warm and want to do wonderful nasty thing to them, but a naked woman makes me get all squishy in a most delightful way. The wonderful thing about it is that I can take that squishy feeling and transfer it to a man if I choose.

I grew up in a family of nudists, so naked people were nothing new to me, I had been seeing naked people my entire life, but the first time I felt a sexual stirring was after I had found a porn mag of my brothers. I know it sounds odd to need porn when everyone you see is already naked but there is a difference I swear. It was an old copy of a mag called Cheri and it was the firs time I had seen a girl with cum on her. Since the mag was only girls though I didn't know where the lovely frosting had come from. After a while I had to ask someone to explain it to me and I was off to the races.

Porn is a favorite pastime of mine and I am as fascinated by the images today as I was that very first time. But it is with out a doubt the pics of girls that will get my juices bubbling. Naked guys are great to be sure, but nothing beats a great naked lady!

Monday, September 19, 2016

On The Road Again?

I have loved, absolutely loved, living and working in this beautiful resort for the past year or so I do miss the horse show circuit. So I have begun looking for sponsors that might need an experienced show rider/groom for the 2017 season. Maybe in the spring I will be back on the road traveling to a town near you riding horses and having a spot of naked fun along the way. I will keep you all posted. :)

Fast Update

I hope you like the new background. I was just wanting to share my morning with everyone and well, this is how I spent my morning. Blowjobs are such fun!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's a Beautiful Day

After the storms of late October, this beautiful November day is one of my favorites because my porch is finally repaired! The storm nearly tore my roof off and collapsed my porch completely and now it is all fixed and I am once more sitting naked in my glider, a lovely quilt from my grandmother wrapped warmly around my body as I write this to you.

The construction guys that came out to fix my house were really bummed that there were no naked people walking around while they were there. The guy that was in charge was soooo cute that when he told me that he and his crew were hoping to see nudity I just had to oblige them. They were working on my roof and my porch, I went back in the house and got naked!

When I went back outside the guys were thrilled! They hooted, they whistled, they cheered and then they went back to work and finished my house in only 3 days! I thought it was sweet and really funny that my walking around for 15 minutes in the buff motivated them to work so hard. They had said it would take 5 days to fix everything but they came early and stayed late just because I would walk around in the all together. I may have even convinced a couple of them of the fun of nudism. I do love proselytizing!

But the best part is that my roof does not leak and my porch has been rebuilt and I am back outside watching the birds and looking at our lake and seeing the trees blowing against the cloudy sky and just being thankful for horny carpenters. G'night y'all.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Good Friend

    I was sitting on the porch the other day having a beer with an old friend of mine whom I had not seen in more years than I care to admit to, just chatting back and forth about various things. He was telling me about his new love interest, is new car and his new job and basically just sitting there in his all together bragging. He did have a lovely new tattoo I hadn't seen of a large orange Koi leaping from a pond, it was very oriental in style and I liked it very much.
    He and I have been friends for a very long time, ever since my brother first brought  him home while we were all still in middle school. He was one of those great boys that was properly flabbergasted by the sight of naked girls walking about the ranch and making nothing of it. It always made me giggle to catch him trying to "sneak" a look at our mother of our aunts. I came up next to him one day and took his hand, (Scared the crap out of him I think), and said "You know you don't have to sneak around, they know that they're naked and that you'll want to look. It doesn't bother them." Then I smiled at him and lead him to the pool, we've been great friends ever since.
    I was the person he told about his first girl friend, about how he thought about her all the time, about their first date to the roller rink (Swear to god! It was a great place for teenage love affairs.) About how he loved kissing her and touching her breasts through her shirt but also how she would never let him do anything else. He told me of his aching, questing dreams that ended in him waking up with his jockeys filled with jizz.
    I told him about things that happened in my life too, but mostly to increase his aggravation. He would come to our house and watch everyone walking about naked and he would walk around with a raging teenage hard-on for a good couple of hours before he could calm down and just relax. He got teased a bit sometimes but not very often, after all it was a fairly common sight at our house to see a guy walking around with his cock pointing the way. One day we were talking about these things and he was poking out in front of himself so I sat down next to him and very softly reached over and touched his rock-hard-rod.
    He looked at me like I was an alien monster about to eat him for lunch. I told to relax and to enjoy how it felt. I used my fingers and my whole hand, I rubbed it on his belly and on my tiny tits and I remember him shooting a load like and oil rig striking the mother load. I remember stroking him hard again, using his own cum as a stroking lube. Being teens he recovered very quickly and we sat and talked as I slowly stroked his cock for him.
    We have had many such conversations over the years and I have felt very close to him because of them. So I was not a bit surprised when he told me that he always loved coming to the house because he knew he could count on a lovely handjob or two. But what did surprise me was when he confessed that I was not the only provider of said handjobs. Seems that he and my brother were sharing with one another almost from the very first time he had come to the ranch. He told me that my brother had "caught" him masturbating, looking out at my sister and I as we were watching TV. After a brief uncomfortable moment they both sat down and masturbated while talking about the naked girls in the next room.
    All very innocent right? Well things began to progress between him and my brother and they began to experiment together after school and on the weekends. They moved from stroking together to stroking each other, to kissing and fondling and sucking each other off. Then while they were out one together one night as juniors in high school they actually got the nerve up to have full blown anal sex together.
    I sat and stared at him in total disbelief, I remembered this story, he had told me about after the fact but I had assumed that the lover he was discussing was the current girl he was infatuated with, not my little brother! I mean, what the fuck!?! He never told me, my brother never told me I felt left out. Then he told me that his wonderful new lover was someone he had met at work named Gary! I had to ask, "Is this why you have never tried to have sex with me, because you're gay?" He laughed very loudly! "Are you crazy?" he asked me, "I have always wanted to have sex with you from the very first moment we ever met. I didn't think you were interested."
    It was my turn to laugh, "Not interested? How many hundreds of times have I jerked you off? You could have fucked me at any time!" "I was just being respectful of my friend's sister." he said. I stood up, walked over to him and swung my leg over him as if he were a saddle, took his cock in my left hand and sat down guiding him into my always damp pussy. When I had him all the way inside me and I was resting on his lap I clenched my labia and gave a little twist of the hips and smiled at him. "You will now make up for wasted time." and I leaned into him and began rocking. It did not take long for him to squirt inside of me or for me to squirt all over his lap.
    We fucked on my porch most of the evening, he gave my smooth kitty 3 full loads and I managed to hold most of it inside, but his jizz was leaking out of me in a flood by the time he was hard the last time. In honor of his confession of decades of sex with my own brother, I spread my ass cheeks open the crack of my ass covered with his cum and his cock shiny with a sheen of cum and pussy juice and I guided his cock into my tiny ass. It hurt, it stretched, it felt full but it also felt wonderful as he slowly began to push into my ass. He lasted almost 20 minutes until his tensed and filled my ass with his hot cum. I giggled thinking of how this same cock has filled my brother's ass with cum hundreds of times. He pushed himself all the way into me and held me there as his cock pumped over and over again.
    He stayed pressed against my butt cheeks until his orgasm was over and his cock began to shrink again. When it was soft enough it simply popped out of my very tired butt hole followed by a warm stream of man juice bubbling from my butt. He said "See? I have always been interested in having sex with you!" We sat cuddled up in my slider on the porch, watching fireflies and the stars of a lovely Texas summer evening laughing and talking. Then he said "But you know, you're the first woman I have ever had sex with." and I went back to being surprised.
    Surprised, but honored.